German Shorthair Pointer pups

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Does anyone have a suggestion on where to find one of these? My wife wants to get one for our kiddos for Christmas and I have no clue where to start. They don’t have to be registered or whatever. Thanks in advance.


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Good luck on finding your pup, a good dog adds so much to a family.

Folks, please answer the member in a PM if it’s your pups or kennel so this doesn’t get canned as a swap and sell.


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I had a dog, Chip, off of Dr. Delllinger's blood line and he was great. I also have a friend with his dogs and he has won several trials with them. The reason I named him Chip was he was all chaolite and his sir was named Snicker for chaolite with nuts. I don't believe you would go wrong with one of his dogs.


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We have a two year old male. Started out as a bird dog. Now he is a good ol yard dog. Kids and wife spoiled him. I’ll always have a GSP.


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Dr Dellinger’s is a retired vet and raises dogs in the Gainesville Ga area. Look up Dellinger’s dogs on the internet.
We have one from him and are pleased.
We’ve had Dellinger dogs for nearly 17 years. He had slowed down a lot three years ago. Wasn’t breeding near as many or dogs near as big as my first one.


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Searching shelter and rescue links is a good way to find a pet. I have a paperless though pure yellow lab and a Staffordshire that I acquired a few months old that way. My previous yellow lab came from Clayton County oddly enough. I did have to make a couple drives though.
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Thanks all!
Here's another breeder in Forsyth Ga. that I recommend looking into. We are getting a Boykin Spaniel from them in January but GSP are their bread and butter. I went to see their farm and meet the owners and left impressed. This is my first puppy so take that FWIW. Still, they answered all my questions - and I had alot - and seemed to really care about their dogs. Give Lee a call - her number is on the site, and she will answer any questions you have

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