German Shorthair Pointer Training


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Wolters GunDog book


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I don't envy you!!! GSP's are some hard headed, stubborn pups,,,, lol!! Great, beautiful and smart dogs,,,, but patience testing pups.


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Perfection Kennels “Perfect Start” dvd series. Also follow them on FB. John goes live twice a week and gives free instruction, answers questions…


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Getting a GSP puppy soon and I’m looking for any good training books or videos. Looking to train for quail hunting and retrieving ducks and doves. Any help is appreciated!
Also, go ahead and get started building a coop for pigeons and trying to locate some.
Gun Dog, Richard Wolters

Training with Mo, Martha Greenlee and Mo Lindly

Absolutely Positively Gun Dog Training, Robert Milner

And I would also add to read any other books you run across. I’ve read a bookshelf full and there is no book or method that I follow 100%. But every time I read another book I pick some new I like or pick up a trick that makes something I’m already doing work better.

Something else that I bet is worth checking out is the Upland Institute video series with Justin Mcgrail. That have videos that seem to cover it all from the puppy stage on. I haven’t seen the videos yet but I’ve heard Justin a bunch and he knows his stuff.