Get out the vote.


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We will never live long enough to ever understand people. I had friends now deceased big with hunting but with voting or doing anything to try and help with it or with fishing they would do nothing... Kinda funny how people will end up sometimes cutting their own throats.. I voted a straight red ticket also, never will I vote for another DemonRAT...
I think Trump will take NC,,,,How's your feeling there?


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Yep, just a gut feeling that I can't shake.

How about the governor here, I am most certain ole Cooper will retain his position. I don't think Forrest will have a chance but I hope he does...
Voted with the Mrs.
Delivered a ballot directly to the polling station for a disabled friend.
Dooin all we can ... !

I think Trump will take NC
Agree. And call me crazy but the size of POTUS rallies in LA and Beverly Hills - seriously I'm not making it up - gives me hope that CA will go Red like it did for Reagan. There's a huge bunch fed up with liberal politics that are jumping ship like several other areas to.
(Consider following realmagahulk, ny_4_trump,, DC_Draino and FOGCityMidge over at Instagram for some conservative good news and rally pics ... outstanding :flag:)
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Voted at 10 am the day early voting started. I mashed all the buttons hard too to make sure.