Getting Started Again

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It has been a while since I've shot a bow. I grew up shooting compounds in the backyard and at 3D tournaments and had a lot of fun. However, that was going on 20 years ago and I'm currently focused on fishing on sporting clays.
I've recently been having a nagging to get back in to archery and it is something I can do in my backyard. I was originally thinking about getting a compound bow (boy have they changed since the 90s!), but have been intrigued by recurves/traditional archery recently. Any thoughts or tips on getting started? I'm not a bowhunter so I don't think I need anything with serious draw weight (maybe 40 to 45 lbs) or anything expensive. I would just like to get back in to archery again and learn/relearn an old skill. Thanks!


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Don't know where you're located, but if you're near Albany you might want to check out Big Jim's. He has a web site. Go there and he'll let you hold, look at ,and shoot a wide variety of long bows and recurves. Careful though, you might THINK you don't want anything expensive,but those custom bows can cast a spell on you! And by the way that 45# bow you mentioned will kill anything in GA. I'm bettin' you wind up "HUI" (Hunting Under the Influence) of traditional archery sooner than later. If you can resist you're a better man than me!