Giant chicken egg(updated)


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I've got buff hens plus others...I had a nice buff rooster a couple years ago...he ended up getting killed but was a very good rooster kept his flock up people friendly.


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Thanks for the info! Does anyone know where I could get a buff rock hen? I see orpingtons for sale a lot of places, but never rocks.
Are the hens still screaming, Clarrrrrice? :bounce:
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Our hens aren't screaming nothing. They went through a molt and haven't started laying again. 1-2 eggs every couple days from 7 hens. I did relocate a rat snake a couple months ago and saw one in the coup last week and didn't mess with him. May be where a few eggs are going
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She's been at it again. We've been getting 2-3 dbl yolks a week. Even one that had 3 small yolks but they haven't been this big. It's as big as a turkey egg
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Makes my rear end hurt just thinkin about it.
We had one that would occasionally lay doubles, but one time she layed one that was an egg inside an egg.
Got no idea how in the world that happened.
We got one a few weeks ago that had part of another shell around it. Not sure how that happens


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My cousin raises hens that lay huge eggs that are sold to bakeries......he loses a lot of them that die trying to lay one too big.....