Glad to see I'm not the only one ....

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..... sitting up with nightvision, spotlights and the ole '06.
Out of 12 we ought to be able to get at least 3 or 4. ;)

Merry Christmas
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What about Prancer. I think he might have a LOT of sugar in his blood or EHD.
Think I'll let him walk, er, fly, er just let him go.
You be picky if you want to but I'm definately taking any flying deer I see! :D

And if it flys and has a red nose I will shoot it till it don't move no more. :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:

That is unless it is Santa Claus and he is headed to my house! :bounce:
Come on now - I can't find anything in the regulations about shooting deer flying at night pulling around a fat white guy! :p

If it was poaching why would they put that red light on the first ones nose? I thought it was to help get you on target! :speechles