Glock 40mos chest holster. Cheap, easy, readily available, and EXTREMELY hard to beat.

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The old military M3/M7 chest/shoulder holster was loved by those that carried it. My Dad carried a 1911 in one for many moons while flying in the Air Force for better than 28 years...

I had one that had belonged to him, that he had cut some of the stitching on, so he could carry a Colt revolver.

It is such a simple and comfortable rig, that I decided to see if I could stuff my new G40mos into it, without ruining it.

Here's what I came up with..

This was Dad's cut stitches...


I relief cut the snap strap hole for a smidge more length...

And used my Work Sharp with the coarse belt to notch out a little for the red dot...Look close and you can see it didn't take much.


Cram the Glock in, and boom, done.


These things can be found nearly anywhere, for nearly nothing, and they really are hard to beat.
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Check out PDSniper’s cheat holsters!
That Man got skills!
Check out PDSniper’s cheat holsters!
That Man got skills!
Yes he does! I’ve had him make some fishing plier sheaths and hatchet sheaths that are incredible. Very reasonable on price and quick turnaround.


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Nice! I just recently purchased I guess what they call the tanker style chest holster. Snug right across the front of the chest for my Kel Tec 22 Mag.
I always liked the looks of the military Chest Holster and am glad you made it work for you and still keep the memories!
They are a great way to carry a heavy firearm. I walk, haul corn,climb trees and ride the ATV on my hog hunting land and the big G40 with light and Red Dot rides high and out of the way.
I have posted this pic before. I wear it higher but it was cold morning and I had it adjusted to wear over my jacket and then just put it on loose to go check trail; cam.



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Simply Rugged’s Chesty Puller system here....for years.