Go Fish Education Center, Perry, GA, Review


My boy and I visited the Go Fish Education Center in Perry, GA, recently. We found it to be informative, interactive, real-world, and money well spent.

For anyone fishing in Georgia who has not been to this Center we recommend you visit. The aquarium displays are real world, designed well, and reflective of species we find here in Georgia. Freshwater, that is. Some beautiful fish are residents at the Center - largemouth bass, spotted gar, coppernose bluegill, rainbow and brook trout, darters, etc etc etc. Even à few awesome alligator snapping turtles. And alligators, too.

Visiting the Center on a dry day means you can enjoy the outdoor aquariums better than if being rained on. The small pond is stocked with hybrid and largemouth bass, brim, channel cats and rainbow trout. You can harvest trout now in March, as well as channels and brim. On a nice day you will likely be elbow to elbow with fellow anglers. Expect a fair number of bait stealers (small) but there is table fare in that pond as well.

The interactive exhibits vary from electronic to hands-on. Knot tying, landing a fish from a boat, and a few shoot 'em up games can be enjoyed. There is a worksheet that can be filled out by paying attention in the different exhibits that is a good overall learning summary for fish here in Georgia.

The hatchery is viewable from a glass and you can currently see lake sturgeon fry and walleye eggs.

A few lure displays are amazing. One was Charlie Elliot's, and to see the old lures some still new in original boxes and displays is awesome. Luke old cars we find old lures much cooler looking than the new ones. LOL