Gobbling Reports???

Mark K

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Went yesterday evening to roost. My bird was a no show. My son text at 1951and said he heard his first gobble. I ended up hooking up with him and they would gobble at an owl hooter. Had a group sorta west of us and a loner North.
He went back this morning with a buddy and they gobbled real good...for jakes, lol. 6 jakes. Had one lone gobbler that gobbled a few times on the limb, then let it rip once he hit the ground.
My DIL and I heard 1 way way off.


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i finally went to taliaferro , i believe it was tues. got there about 7:30.. to my surprise i heard a gobble .. i think there was 2-3 gobblers but mainly 1 doing most of the gobbling.gobbled maybe 20 times. did hear the hens and had 1 hen walk up w/in 10 yds and sounded terrible .i was wishing i had gone planning on staying


Swampbunny 🐇
Near Swainsboro. Pretty quiet. Heard one bird ( I think just one ) at great distance. Just can't seem to be in the right place at the right time.
My BIL was up at our family property outside of Swainsboro last weekend. Had 3 longbeards fired up on the roost and for 1/2 hour or so on the ground but no takers.

Called in several jakes but the longbeards would hang up 70 yards plus.
Last 4 mornings until 11. 2 afternoons. 0 gobbles in W. Ga. Flock broke up and everybody has a gf but me. Multiple mature birds on cam last week. Better days ahead. The woods are even quiet. Crows, owls, woodpeckers, 0 whippoorwills.
Every time I go out on my porch this morning I hear one. Started before daylight, still going.


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I’ve heard 2-3 gobblers every time out right after day break, then it gets quiet. I figure they have to be with hens.