Going west 2020/concerns for non-resident hunter restrictions due to Covid

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Anyone have plans set in stone for out west this fall? I am planning on going somewhere in November, most likely Kansas, Nebraska, or South Dakota. I know Michigan is already talking about not allowing non-resident hunters this year, anxious to see what other states follow suit. At this point I guess all you can do is make plans, and have backup plans should something happen. Interested to hear yall's thoughts on this.
Still planning on South Dakota in November again this year. But I am a bit concerned it could get shut down. Still time for a lot of change between now and then, but to say I’m not worried would be a lie.
I always go to WNY for gun season in November. I have been going ever year for the last five or six.
I have friends from Georgia that have gone for almost 30 years.
I sure hope the crazy governor doesn't shut down deer season !!


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I think the SD governor is the least likely to shut down out of state hunters, based on her past performance and talks of extending the season and uping the late season limit. I am thinking about Kansas in January, but I dont want to bet on it since they Basically stopped out of state turkey hunting.

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Michigan Governor is radical. I wouldn't be surprised if she sucker punches the pro hunting faction with a ban of out-of-staters.

I hope that does not push everyone to MN where I never see an out-of-state grouse hunter. Best kept ruff secret in U.S.
Planning on going to SD the week after Thanksgiving as usual. Remains to be seen if they will allow us in AND if we can get there flying into Nebraska.

I think SD is going to expand the limit to four roosters starting December 1st and moving the start time to 10 early season. SD is trying to get more hunters (resident and nonresident) after a decade of steady decline.