Golfcart hauling ?

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I have a buddy who has a 39ft 5th wheel camper he wants to take is golfcart camping with him not sure if its leagle in fla to double tow I've seen it done but dot says no.any suggestions ?
May have to start ringing some law enforcement down that way to get a correct answer... was looking into it here in Ga wound up with the official answer of "there is nothing that says it's legal, but at same time there is nothing that says its illegal"
Been a while but when I was looking into towing my motorcycle behind my 5er I ran across this kind of attachment that was legal as it was rigid (mounts into the receiver)and just had a dolly wheel on it. Not the one I found back then but it gives you an idea. Kinda pricey and I was going to build my own but sold my bike before I got around to it.
FSS 316.515(3)
Non commercial may only consist of two units.
The tow vehicle and the trailer.
Commercial has restrictions on make up and roadways allowed.
I don't see that being a very safe option, even if it were legal, I know some people who have wanted to do something similar, with a golf cart or motorcycles, they ended up with a toyhauler style RV .