Good 30-06 Factory Load

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My son in law just picked up a Browning BLR Lightweight in 30-06. What's a good round to start with?
I don't want to share mine, Power Max Bonded 150gr, because they shoot like lasers out of my A-Bolt and I want to hold on to them. Ammo availability is also an issue. Thanks Mike


...just joking, seriously.
/\ Yeah, Just about anything a 30-06 blows out is going to work on the terminal end. Accuracy will be found by trying different loads, but I wouldn't expect it to be as accurate as a bolt action..


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180 Grain Core Lok I like the round nose. If I shot longer range I would use the pointed ones.

Have used the lighter weights but sometimes didn't get exits.


I was shooting Rem. 150gr Core-lokts. Now I shot Federal Non-Typical 150's. Really like this round.
Mine always did well with 150-165 gr loads. For the money…it was really hard to beat 150 gr Winchester Power Points. Never liked the REM. C.L. or Win. Ballistic Silver Tip. Wouldn’t get exits out of those. Expanded to quickly.


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Federal blue box 150s are my fav factory load. the rifle loves em.
They work good in my lever guns..
I neck size only. No crimp, so I don't load for them.

Federal is good stuff for store bought.

And... Nosler loaded with Partitions is about good as you can do in 06' case volume.
Not sure there is a factory load with expanding bullets that won't get the job done cleanly. Each rifle is an individul so determining what they like to shoot is mostly trial and error. If it will shoot light bullets well then 125s or 130s running 3300-3400fps strike like lightning.