Goodby guys


Gone but not forgotten
This will probably be my last post. The Cancer has got me, I'm in hospice care, on oxygen full time and in a lot of pain. I doubt I will last the month out. I'll miss all the banter, but I'm ready to go, this is just no kind of life. You guys take care of yourselves and make the most of the time you have left.

NE GA Pappy

Mr. Pappy
God bless you. Thats a hard row to hoe.


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Mike, my regards to you, and thoughts and prayers as well.


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Prayers for your comfort, and for the family you leave.

John Cooper

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Prayers for ya Mike! Cancer truly sucks!!!!!


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God bless and many prayers for you and your family sir.


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i dont know you like some of the guys on here do but i have enjoyed reading your posts. my prayers are with you and your family!!!

Jeff C.

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Praying for some comfort for you, your loved ones, and friends. ::;


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Sorry to hear that. Praying for a peaceful journey for you and for peace and comfort for your family.


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Praying for you Mike. Hope the Lord gives you and your family comfort. If this is it, we'll miss you. God bless you.


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I'm sitting here with a lump in my throat trying to find the words and they just won't come to me. Just know that you will be missed by all of us.


Gone, but not Forgotten
I can't add anything. Praying for you.


Keeper of the Magic Word
Prayers. I've walked this road with too many good people.

Dudley Do-Wrong

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May God be with you Mike.