Goodby guys


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Thanks, that brought a tear, especially the bucket list part. Folks if you got things you want to do then find a way to do it ASAP. We aren't promised our next breath on this earth.
SHMike's last post is a reverent tribute to his being here and sharing with us. Thanks for filling in the background.
Thanks, I've been a member here for a while. I love the whole forum, and especialy the Trail Cams.

I lurk a lot here - reading and seeing what you guys harvest (fish & critters)

I do not have much time to hunt anymore, but enjoy this board a lot.

Thanks again,

Wasn't expecting to ever hear anything about him again!!!

I appreciate you taking the time to post this info about him!!!

I had many light hearted debates with him concerning my Buckeyes but I will always remember him being easy on me after the debacle in the desert. He seemed like a great guy and you confirmed that!!!!

Thanks Again!!!:cheers::cheers::cheers:


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Thank you so much for taking the time to write that. Mike was a great member here and is remembered fondly.
x 4. I remember reading what he said was his last post -- very brave and very touching. From what you wrote about him, he has to be smiling down at you every day. Thanks for updating this forum about SHM.


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Chuck thanks for the insight on ole Mike....... He was one of the guys here. We all get tied up fussin and wrasslin back and forth over our respective teams here in the Sports forum. In the end we all share a common bond and are more alike than we are different. Mike's last post sure made a profound impact around here. I don't think he did it to do anything special like that or what not.... I just believe the ole boy was sayin his peace. He is missed, but one day in one way or another we will all have our time. Please feel free to stick around and share more about Mike and yourself.

A funny SandhillMike story - A long time ago, Mike worked as a State of Florida Park Ranger. He had to carry a sidearm and qualify annually with it. To call Mike "frugal" is an understatement. His sidearm at the time was a Rossi .38spl, 2" bbl. A few decades go by and we are shooting other things out the back of his property. He pulls out this Rossi and asks me to see if I can hit anything with it. Way back in my mis-spent youth, I used to do a little competitive shooting and am still a fair shot. I couldn't hit squat with that Rossi. Mike was laughing at me and said he was glad there were no bad guys coming to get us. I laughed and told him I'd have to call them in closer before I could be a threat with that weapon. We both laughed when I told him he should use it as a club or hammer as a last resort. It was in pretty good shape, so I recommended Mike trade it in as soon as possible, on something a little higher quality that would hit where he pointed it.

I don't know how he qualified with that pistol, but I still chuckle at us, trying to hit a spray-paint can with that Rossi.