Goodby guys

I passed your postings to Mike and told him the nice things you had to say. I still talk to him occasionally (kind of one sided, but I believe he hears me) and I wave at him as I drive by. He says he is resting comfortably and in no pain and thanks to all of you!


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Happy birthday to our Gator bro!

Gone but certainly not forgotten!



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Happy Birthday Mike......


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Hello Mike, we are all a year closer to saying hi again in person.

Howard Roark

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This will probably be my last post. The Cancer has got me, I'm in hospice care, on oxygen full time and in a lot of pain. I doubt I will last the month out. I'll miss all the banter, but I'm ready to go, this is just no kind of life. You guys take care of yourselves and make the most of the time you have left.
Thought about you on this opening Saturday.