Goodness to be a Tennessee Fan!


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Hasn't every one of UGA's rivals won a NC since the last time UGA did?

Tech - 1 National Championship since 1980
Bama - 7
Vols - 1
Auburn - 1
Florida - 3
LSU - 3
Clemson - 3
Most of them have won multiple National Championships. And of their main rivals (as per UGA website, UGAwire), only South Carolina has not won a NC since 1980 (or ever, for that about futility :cry:).

But UGA is due...even I can see it coming. They have assembled one of the most talented rosters in the nation, now all Kirby has to do is prove he can coach'em up, and channel all those egos into a T-E-A-M.

We will see beginning Sept 4th...
Hasn't every one of UGA's rivals won a NC since the last time UGA did?
Clemson(rival according to Wiki)

LSU nor Alabama are not rivals of UGA. The 3 have played one another sparingly over the years. UT was the same way until SEC expansion. South Carolina is much more of a rivalry than the first two and as much of one as UT now.

yes, it’s true, that all of those programs have won nattys since 1980, some multiples. Congrats to them. They’ve all also had 5 or more losing seasons since 1980, most have had double digit losing seasons since 1980. All but one has had back to back losing seasons and one of them has had a losing season 38.9% of the time since 1980. UGA has had 3. UGA has the highest winning % of all these since 1980.

With the exception of Bama, LSU and UF UGA has a winning record since 1980 against these teams. Overall UGA has a 59% winning edge over these teams. Those teams have won a total of 45% of the national titles since 1981. UGA has been consistently good against the best competition CFB has to offer and has a winning record against them Since 1980. UGA also has a winning record against almost all of the title winners since 1980. If we have played them we have beat them. Find a program that has won 60% of the time over any 40 year period against 50% of the national title winners AND played 200 games in the period against those eventual champions. You won’t because they’d have to be an SEC team AND would have to have a regular rivalry against TWO out of conference foes to come close.
You guys are hilarious! UGA owns Floriduh the barners and 10RC. I’m betting y’all’s skin will get thin sooner than later….
You might be right about that. Y’all got any recommendations on a good skin therapy? know, just in case.