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Just wanted to share a few pictures and a story about a long weekend I spent down by Preston. It’s on the Bama/Georgia border. I have hunted hogs a bunch of times in your great state. I had always done it with my bow or gun and over near Ft. Stewart. This time I wanted to use dogs... I contacted Richard from stone creek who put me in touch with a gentleman I can assure you I’ll know for the rest of my life. We hit it off instantly and got to know each other before the hunt thru calls and texts. The pictures (if I did it right) should be a big sow we got by a river before everybody went in, me holding down a small 40 lb hog surrounded by dogs, a cottonmouth (which was new to me) David’s truck and trailer and a screen shot of my phone when the tornadoes started touching down around us. David has incredible dogs he cares about and made it clear we would hunt as hard or as long as I wanted. All I wanted to do was enjoy myself and maybe kill a few. Over the course of 3 days of hunting we killed 7 of 8 hogs. Ate good food, drank a few beers and laughed a lot. We were constantly on pigs. The weather co operated, mostly, with the exception of the twisters.

Enjoy all and I cannot wait to get back down



Man that’s great stuff ! I’m glad you had a big time. Are them black dogs Stephens curs or something else? Nice pictures and thanks for sharing.


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They are mixed breed curs. David has a few of my dogs when I hung it up in 2018. Hard hunting dog man. Knew Sab would be in the hogs hunting with that crew. Neat pics. Richard
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I’ve been around dogs my whole life. Grandpa was a hound man. Beagles, I learned a long time ago houndsmen care more about good hounds working good than anything. They’re genuinely upset if their dogs don’t do well and love their dogs like family. David was true to this. Great hunt and not just because we killed a boatload. Great hunt because of the area, people I met, places I seen, food eaten and of course the guys I hunted with etc. Right down to Mr. Walter, the motel manager who I spoke with every night and who was thankful for some sausage and hams I gave him.