Got a new camera

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Well wore out another Kodak Z810 so started watching ebay. Couldn't find another at a reasonable price but did fine a Kodak Z1012. Looks just like the old one just has 10mp instead of 8 and 12 power zoom instead of 10. Got a good deal at 40 bucks after tax and shipping and looks like brand new. So far seem to work great.

Remember this shot? Shot with the Nikon

DSC_0077 copy.jpg

And now we'll reverse the roles with Chase being the old one and he's just about had enough of the youngster getting in his face. Shot with the new Z1012

100B5920 - Copy.JPG


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Sounds like a good deal! Can't wait to see the shots you share from this one!


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Looks like a step up! Looking forward to more great shots!