Got drawn for 2nd Clybel and 2nd Berry College Quota Hunts

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Did a drive through and a little walking around Clybel this past Saturday. Seemed a lot of others had the same idea. Nice WMA though. Now I need to reserve a camping spot for that weekend pronto, if I still can!

Never been to Berry College but been reading old threads on here about the place. I guess I need to start looking at topo maps and aerials of it.

Surprised I got both of them, it's my first year trying for quota hunts.
I'll be at the second Clybel hunt too, don't know if i plan to camp yet or not. It's got a good deer population.
Camp grounds are first come, first served.
I've hiked through Clybel on and off path numerous times since it is the closest WMA to me and I zero in rifles for myself and others at the shooting range. Never once have I seen a deer. That WMA is quota only no doubt because it's so close to the city and, if it wasn't, it'd have a zillion people in the woods getting shot and there'd be zero deer left. My dog has caught a squirrel there, though. That said, I've been in/around Berry College twice with my dog, who is about as loud through a forest as can be looking (he trees squirrels and barks), and I've seen deer.

As for camping, I just sleep in the back of the Tahoe, haha. Don't need a place to be other than somewhere to park. Downside is if you need to leave you lose your "camping spot"... but whatever. No need for a tent I have nowhere to store. :)
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I saw 5 deer yesterday on my Clybel foray. It was a combo scout a new area and try to sit on a particular spot I'd gleaned from reviewing aerials and topo if the sign looked good (which it did). Saw a total 3 does, 2 bucks. Saw 2/2 on my trek through the woods.

Then 1 doe almost presented a shot, but I messed up, didn't set up as well as I could have, then gave myself away. I'd heard her close by, but didn't see her. Then shifted because my rump was numb and I wasn't sure exactly what was making the noise occasionally around me, she saw it, blew, ran, blew some more. I hit her with 2 grunts, she stopped blowing, but a minute later I heard her march off. She was within 10 yards. If I'd been positioned different, I'd have had a great shot at her.

Friday I also found some giant deer tracks down near on of the fishing ponds, but between all the people fishing and commotion around the area, and it wasn't just thick, it was just walls of vines, tangled briars, and getting through it to investigate more would have been so disruptive I'd have blown out whatever was in where those tracks led. Not to mention I'd have needed a doctor to patch up all the cuts I'd have received. Which is probably why there's a big buck in there - too hard for anyone to get to him! I decided if I give that one a go again, it will be on the quota hunt and hopefully some of the foliage will have dropped off.

Gonna try to get back there 1 or 2 more times before the 30th when archery closes and see if I can't close the deal.
I was picked for the first Clybel hunt. Clybel requires a lot of scouting but is a great place to put venison in your freezer. This chart shows the total harvest & success rates for the past several years. Source: DNR public hunt result databases. clybel quota hunt history 2012 - 2019.jpg