Grady/Thomas County

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Bucks are still grouped up where I’m at. I was able to kill a nice 11 point Thursday evening out of a bachelor group on a food source.


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Congratulations, I saw it in the deer hunting section, nice buck


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Thomas County.....a buck was killed on November 4 out cruising and one killed today chasing 3 does.....both on property I hunt. Both AM hunts.
North Grady county. Saw a fresh scape out in the open of the corn field lastnight up near Mitchell county line. Getting a lot more daytime pics of does and smaller bucks over the last 3 Days. Bucks are still grouped up though.
Got a new smaller 6 point on camera from early hours of this morning. Seems to be heating up but still should be a couple weeks before it hits prime in north Grady county
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My cameras are showing some does starting to get checked while on the corn pile. Nothing too hot and heavy right now but you can tell it’s on their minds. Also getting more pics than normal of bucks sparring. Weird year though, I’ve not seen many younger bucks from the stand as I normally do in years past. Loving this consistently cool-ish weather though. Probably a couple weeks out still in Grady.
Hortonhunter22 sent me a pic today of a nice 8 point killed this morning in middle Grady County that was swollen but not really stinking yet. Said it was in a field with 9 does when shot.
Anybody had any luck? Saw a young 8 trailing a doe last Sunday (full moon) hoping that's a sign of a good rut to come in next few weeks. Hopefully after this rain the cold weather will get these more mature bucks out n about during daylight hours. Good luck to everyone
They are on there feet in South Grady. Missed a mature 8pt. at
15 yds with the recurve Sunday morning. When I got down I pulled 5 camera chips and had several daytime mature buck pics from the week. Will get back after them this weekend. Only bad thing is the loggers moved in today to cut about a 60acre section. Hope it won't take them long.