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If the weatherman don't change his mind looks like we got some cold weather coming next week. Hopefully it will get them up and movin.
Haven't had a chance to get out and look for any scrapes. Got a picture 2 days ago of a couple young bucks play sparring. Had a nice 8pt on camera last night that had a very swollen neck.
Checked my camera at lunch. Been having 15-20 deer on my plot all at night lately. Only 1 doe and 1 buck on there last night. The 8pt I have been getting pics of was out there at 11:30 this morning. First daylight pics of anything in 3 weeks.
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Let a very nice 3.5 year old 8 walk this afternoon. He was on his feet early feeding after getting pounded by the rain for the last 2 days I assume. Had a couple does out in the plot and he didn’t pay them any mind. Probably still a couple weeks out
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I killed a nice mature 10 point this morning at 9:05. He was chasing a doe hard. Weighed in @ 197lbs. I think this front will be the one you guys in Grady county have been looking for to kickstart things.


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I hunted Friday and Saturday in Reno, saw a button Friday evening and a small 4pt Saturday evening. 4 or 5 scrapes were freshened up between Friday mornings rain and Saturday morning
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I'm seeing a lot of scrapes on our property in Thomas County but I don't think the ladies are ready yet