Great day on Lanier

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Lanier Jim

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Out on a morning trip with Zach and Jack. Zach has been out with me several times....his first time out with me, his first drop shot fish was close to 5 lbs! The game plan was to fish long points with a drop off being the "spot on the spot." The Humminbird's showed out big time today.

We got to our fish stop around 7:30am and smoked them putting 11 in the boat in about 30 minutes - we had pulled up on a big school of solid spots. The Jerk Shad and drop shot did the damage. First cast - I had one jump on my Jerk Shad....then Jack got his first drop shot fish and liked it
He and Zach were going back and forth sticking fish.

Next place was the same type place - I had cruised a couple of other points first - then pulled up on another mother load. Same pattern....and we stuck another 9 in the boat. That's 20 fish in just over an hour with Zach getting serious with the drop shot.
We were hammering them at most every waypoint - around 9:45am - 10am - we had 32 in the boat. I decided to make a run north to a couple of places and it was a good decision. Prior to leaving - I got a text message from Cody Richards saying he was collecting tolls for Jimmy Sanders and Jim Farmer.....I laughed.....then saw Jim coming up the lake and pulling up next to use looking for payment

Pulled up on the first place after a long run and stuck a couple of good fish....moved ....and Jack got hot with the Jerk Shad and boated 3 quick....a solid 3# fish and one that looked like one in the 4# class.

About 11am - the bite really slowed and we could only managed a couple more fish before the day ended. We tried to reach 40 fish for the morning but I just couldn't find another school that was eating so we were happy with 36. Jerk Shad it was White, Pearl, and FZNH20.....the drop shot was Sweet Rosey (Zach Hammered them on this color) and Morning Dawn...with a few mixed in with Blue Lily.

Great fun....some great trash talking from Zach but I enrolled Jack in to my class "Trash Talking 101"
Just messing around - they can both hold their own. After the trip ended - Zach and Jack were already talking about coming again with another friend and Jack's dad. Should be some fun trips. LJ