Great guides on area lakes?


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I would recommend Clay Cunningham on lanier for stripers, been out with him a couple of times and have always caught fish! Catching Not Fishing
LOUIE B at carters

I reccomend Louie B. at carters.They say a picture is worth a thousand words and if you spend any time on this site you will many of his post with some great fish pics.Only met him for a short period of time but seemed like good guy and have heard nothing but good things about him.
I can not say enough good things about Stewart Wright. He is a crappie guide on Altoona. I went out with him a in November of 2009. I have kept a log of my fishing trips since that time. I have only had 3 trips that I caught no fish. My wife and I fish year round.(Except in snow) More that just catching fish, he has shared with me a lot of secrets for sucessful fishing trips. He is truely the Crappie King.


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Another vote for Jeff Blair on Lake Lanier for Stripers. Went out with him 3 times in July, and caught fish everytime.

Same can't be said for a few of the guides I've used in the past.

Jeff is one heck of a nice guy that knows his stuff. :cheers:
Trout in North Georgia

I know of a very small unknown guide in Jasper. I have used him at least 12 times to catch Rainbow trout and have always caught my limit. He fishes a private lake thats pretty big and holds some huge trout. Unfortunately I have lost his number but his web site if I remember correctly is I hope this helps.

I've been with Chad Smith on Oconee a few times catfishing and I've never been disappointed. We averaged about 20 fish or so each trip. He's probably boated more big catfish this year than anyone else on that lake. I like going with him because he doesnt mind showing you his techniques of finding and catching fish.

Good luck whoever you use !!
back when i DID guide, i never expected a tip.....never even thought about it, really......the price was the price...and, that was the end of it.....

if i'd wanted more $$, i'd have raised my rates....
For Carter's Lake and Chickamauga---Louie Bartenfield is your guide (

I have been with Louie on several trips. Just look at his postings and see the HUGE SPOTTED BASS that he and his clients catch at Carter's Lake. Louie is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and really knows how to catch fish. He specializes in sonar interpretation (teaching you how to read your graph/fish finder). If you want to learn how to see fish on your graph and catch them...he will teach you. It's all part of the experience and he will make your trip memorable - For Sure!!!

I booked a trip with Louie last year at Lake Chickamauga and we caught 80-100 bass. He also helped me finish 2nd place in a tournament. Yeah, he's pretty awesome!
For pics, videos, and booking info, check out his website:
I have to say if you want a spotted bass experience you won't forget, call Jimbo on Lanier. The man is a real class act. He will ask you your goals/what you're looking to get out of the experience, before you even get in the boat. He will tailor the trip to your expectations. After a day of fishing with Jimbo, you will have a much better understanding of the tendencies of Lake Lanier spots. If you want to improve a certain technique.. no problem. Jimbo is THE MAN for Lake Lanier Spots!!
I wanted to add my thoughts to this thread because reading comments like these helped me make some good decisions. I have been Striper fishing for a year now and I love it, I went out with numerous different guides on Lanier for the first 6 months, great guys, caught some fish and learned some things.

Then me and my brother-in-law went out on a trip with Jeff Blair, we had a BLAST, caught a bunch of fish and he taught us a ton!

We only use Jeff Blair now and we go out with him alot, he is a great fisherman and an even better guy....
For Lanier:

Stripers - Mack Farr (25 yrs experience - great knowledge and a good guy to fish with)

Spots - Ryan Coleman (he just knows his stuff - good guy also - he loves to talk football which is fine with me)

There are other very good guides on Lanier (many mentioned in the post) but in my opinion these two are the best on Lanier.
I agree, Ryan is one of the best on Lanier. Highly recommend him.