Great guides on area lakes?

Lake Sinclair - Drew Roberts ( nosfedgta )- nighttime bass/crappie- He will give you a GREAT trip and will bend over backwards to put you onto the fish! This guy knows his stuff and is an excellent guide!!!! I really enjoyed my trip with him!! :clap: :D
Lake Sinclair - Drew Roberts ( nosfedgta )- nighttime bass/crappie- He will give you a GREAT trip and will bend over backwards to put you onto the fish! This guy knows his stuff and is an excellent guide!!!! I really enjoyed my trip with him!! :clap: :D
Thanks Matt! Just to clarify though its Drew Rogers ;) glad you enjoyed your trip!


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I went out with Drew Rogers last night to fish a local club tourney. We came in third and he won big fish. The guy knows where to find them on Sinclair for sure. His rate seems very fair and I can't wait to go out with him again, I highly recomend his service.
7-5 Lanier with Jeff Blair

Was out today with Jeff Blair, my two boys and a friend. Jeff had been slaying all week and (of course get me on the boat and I have make luck go the other way) today didn't start that way. Then when we found them we were losing them for all kinds of reasons (again my vibe).

He worked hard to get us on on the fish and more importantly fish in the boat ... it was an amazing day with not only a great guide but a great guy.

I'm sure he will be posting pictures in the next day or so.
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Jeff Blair on Lake Lanier. My wife and I went out with him on 7/31/12 and had a great time. We caught several really good stripers. Jeff is friendly and professional and will work hard to keep you on fish.
Jimbo On Lanier is a great bass guide on Lanier. I've been with hm once and loved it! He puts you on the fish but you learn a ton too. Lanier Jim is another fantastic one I've been with a few times. He's taught me everything I know about drop shotting and just about everything sonar.
Jimbo Mathley for Lake Lanier! He is one of the best spotted bass guides on Lanier! And I would recommend him for anyone who wants to catch magnum spotted bass! Check out my avatar, it was caught on a trip with Jimbo!
I have been with Ryan Coleman and Jimbo on Lanier. I would go with Jimbo, he loves to have a good time and theres nothing better than that summer time topwater bite! He can put them in the boat!!! Will teach you alot about electronics too! Cant wait to go with him again

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I'll throw my two cents out there.

For Lanier Spots there is one guy; Ryan Coleman of I've known Ryan for years and he is the MASTER at deep water structure fishing on the big Sid! He is very open and share's knowledge as good as any guide I know. Ryan opened my eye's to many deep water techniques back in 2001 when I booked a tournament preparation trip with him. I now run a full-time Guide Service since 2008. To this day I still use many of the same techniques Ryan and I did on that first trip over ten years ago, that speaks for itself

Allatoona; Robert Eidson First Bite Guide Service

Chickamauga for any of those into the mighty Tennessee River; Rogne Brown of is simply the man. Rogne has won approx $200,000 including Triton Gold Tournaments on KY Lake, multiple BFL and BassWeekend wins on Guntersville and Chickamauga. Rogne is a pioneer of ledge fishing in Chattanooga and has fished with me a ton here at my home Carters Lake, the man can catch em. Deep, clear, dirty, shallow, grass, or ledges, doesn't matter.

I know these guys personally and been on their boats, worked trips, and fished tournaments together, these three guys cover Atlanta to Chattanooga and should be put on everyone's bucket list IMO.

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well ill be honest with yall i have my own boat and fish west point /but went out with paul parsons on saturday /he will put you on the fish /his boat will hold a group of 6 and very comfortable to fish off of/if you want to have a good time on west point paul i highly recomend/for flatheads to stripers he knows this lake /and that makes for a great day in my book
I would Highly recommended Richard Malcom for dock shooting instructions on. Went out in the rain, cold and wind and Richard put me on some fish. Give him a call 678-227-9881
Kenny Miller is the stripe man on the Tn river have had many 100+ plus fish days and a 38# is my best with him so far give him a call (706)264-4742
Can anyone tell me the usual tip given a guide on a good trip? I don't want to be a cheapskate, but I don't want to be stupid either.
A common rate is $375, I am guessing 40-50 bucks would be good, but want to hear what is accepted as a good tip. Thanks!

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What is your opinion of Ken Sturdivant? I have never used him, but I attended a seminar he conducted at Bass Pro on electronic fish finders. He is a guide at Lanier, right? Any opinion?


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Went out today with Stiper Steve. Was short notice. Called Jeff Blair and he didn't have any openings but said he would call some friends. Within the hour Steve calls and we book the trip. He did not disappoint. Took my 3 boys and we caught over 30. Everyone had a blast. Steve knows his stuff. And thanks to Jeff for hooking us up. We will be back with Steve.
Been out with Jeff Blair twice this year on Lanier for stripers. Excellent results both times. I would recommend him to anyone.