Great gunsmith experience in Anderson SC.

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Howard Roark

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98 Mauser needed some work.
Tuneup and mounting a Zeiss V4 on my model 78
Some clean up work on a new Marlin 45-70 and mounting a Leupold scope
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Howard Roark

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The recommendation from the owner of Grady’s is always good.

On my first visit the owner at Concept was talking with a regular customer who had a high end pistol he had purchased from a homeowner who had experienced a house fire. The customer wanted some work done and the owner talked himself out of the job with good advice to the customer.


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Just picked up a browning blr that they did a trigger job on for 350.00, haven't had any gunsmith work done in probably 25 yrs it has went up some lol. Had 2 older shotguns of my dad's that weren't cycling well I had tried everything I knew to do, they also went thru them one did have a broken bolt carrier wound up with 731.00 for the 3 guns. Work is warranted. They were nice guys.