Great hike.... Lula Lake and Lula Falls


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We hiked Lula Lake, near Lookout Mountain, in NW Georgia this morning. You have to make a reservation on the Lula Lake website, as they limit the number of people per day to hike this private preserve.

We arrived at 9am, and there were maybe 4 or 5 cars there ahead of us. We took the "Bluff Trail", to the "Adventure Trail" (that had a rope assisted decent down a pretty steep grade), and then an easy gravel road walk back to the parking area. Total distance was about 4.5 miles, with an 800 foot drop, back up, back down and back up, again.

The view off the back of the bluff was great.

As we worked our way down from the Bluff Trail towards the falls, there were some great cliffs that the path took us past.


As we 'boulder hopped' down that path towards Rock Creek, you could hear the roar of the falls below. As we got closer, the falls came into view. Spectacular!
I didn't know there was anything like this in Georgia. Sitting near the falls and feeling the spray from the water made you feel you were out west, in Colorado or Idaho, sitting along a mountain stream.

We made our way up the side of the cliff along a path carved into the mountain, rising alomst 150 feet in a single climb (quads burner!). Then walked over to Lula Lake, which is just above the falls....once again...spectacular!


Continued up from there to a bridge over the creek, where you could look downstream over the falls into the lake, but from the top...

From there, it was about a 2 mile hike back to the parking area, mostly flat until the last 1/4 mile, which was up a grade back to the parking area.

I highly recommend this hike. The vistas are spectacular. This place is a jewel in Georgia's nature repertoire.


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Spent a lot of time at this place. Back in younger days used to hike up rock creek to the falls. All was private land those days. Since it was put into the Trust, there has been a LOT of good work put into this area. Brings back some memories!


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What a stunning day you had and the accompanying images were beautiful. Sure it didn't compare with the company you had.


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Very nice, great views...


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Beautiful place!


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What a beautiful place to visit, glad y'all could make the trip. Lots of healing for the soul in that area, we all need that now and then. (y)

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