Great Hog Guides?

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Here is the spot to discuss the merits of area hog guides.
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OK! I guess I'll go first. Very few hog hunters have success their first time out without some type of assistance, whether it comes from a paid guide or just an experienced friend. This being said, hiring a guide saves the hunter time spent scouting, learning specific behavior, and many other factors unique to wild/feral pigs. A good guide also can supply all needed weapons and supplies to ensure a productive, safe hunt.


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Hog guide

We went hunting with nathan poole on jan and my son had a great time.....he has page...wild hog hunting preserve......if you look under spot and stalk ......going hunting with nathan poole ..u will see pictures and the story.....his #478 697 0699.....great person to hunt with and watch and learn.......memories are 4 ever....we will never forget this trip
Bubba Addison in Abbeville. You will see a ton of hogs. And Bubba is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He lives for killing hogs. Been to his place on two seperate occassions (total of 3 days hunting) and have killed 6 hogs. Four of them were in the 200-250 range.
Dane Clemans of has put me on more hogs then you can imagine. I've hunted several times with him. Each hunt, we had more hogs then a 500 qt cooler could hold. 900 lbs of meat on last two hunts. The night vision is the way to put pork in the cooler. No one works as hard to make your hunt a hunt of a lifetime.
Great Hog Guide

I had the opportunity to go out with HogSwat ( a few weeks ago in South GA and it was awesome seeing pigs through thermal cameras and scopes. Unfortunately we didn't bag any but were given another trip for free. I couldn't have asked for a better time and highly recommend them. I will post back again after my next trip. I also have two other recommendations for pig hunting. Hoot-N-Holler Taxidermy does awesome job at mounting your pig at a very reasonable price and lastly I was able to find Hogswat through this site as they have several pig hunting guides listed in GA. It was a great reference tool.
:DHappy Acres Expiditions is a good one for bow hunters. I think Gary is even known for making exceptions for youngans and first time women hunters with his AR. He really is a great guy and a great hunter!! Frydaddy40 on the forum here.
I think he's on Facebook also!!
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Old Eddie at Clay Hill is great! I've only been there one time, I didn't get a hog, but buddy I was with got a nice one! Here's his place, near Morris, south of Columbus: