Great Hog Guides?


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Henry Williams at Horse Creek Outfitters 229-315-9864 is the way to go. He has a ton of hogs and good priced $200 for meat hog and $350 for a trophy boar.
I have been there. I was blown away at the amount of hog sign and hogs we saw. I would highly recommend giving Henry a call.:shoot::fine:
I was wondering if Addison's was still in business? I've left phone messages, emailed and used their contact form on the web page and never heard back. Too bad they are gone, it looked like one of the best.


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I took my sons to Razorback Ridge and had a great time, one son killed a pretty good boar. I highly recommend them.
Doesn't look like they are in business at the moment. This is a post from their Facebook page:

Razorback Ridge Outdoor Adventures
December 21, 2014 at 10:56am ยท

We have been getting lots of phone calls the past few weeks about hunts...unfortunately we are not booking any more hunts at the moment. We are temporarily closed until further notice. We are looking for new property to lease so that we can reopen. Please understand and we thank you for your interest in hunting with us. We hope to fulfill your needs as a hog hunter soon!
Sorry, I don't know about Hog Control and Addison's never called back. I took my son to Wild Hog Hunting Preserve in Wrightsville. Nathan Pool was the guide and he was great. We each got a meat hog. He will work with you on your first hunt. I highly recommend him.
We've hunted Georgia hogs for 8 years now (annual trip for us) and the last 7 have been with Blaine Burley and Woods N Water. His hunts are strictly fair chase and we have had experiences from taking some huge hogs to returning home empty handed on our trips. I should at least mention that some of us within the group are looking strictly for trophy sized hogs of over 200 pounds, while other are shooting meat hogs (all in what you like!).

We have taken several big hogs with a couple pushing 500 pounds live weight. Over the years I've been lucky enough to have taken three 300+ pound boars with Blaine. He works hard to keep in touch with which stands are showing the best hog sign (trail cams) and will try to work the prevailing winds into all stand selections.

Over 3,000 acres of owned & leased property and dozens of stands. Link below and a couple of pics of some of our group's biggest hogs there.

(Photo gallery of some of the best killed hunting with Woods N Water to left on link)



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Alexacarri Plantation near Abbeville is a great place to hunt, more hogs than I've ever seen anywhere in my life. Over 1,000 acres of great hunting for completely wild hogs, and Tim Beach, the owner, is as good as folks get. Good spot-and-stalk, stand hunting, good place to bowhunt, too.
Jerry Russell! He was in this months with the write up about his multi year pursuit of Kong, a 500 lb hog he finally killed. He is a great guy and runs a very reputable service!
Hunting Pigs at Flatcreek

Met John through a mutal friend and had a blast. Highly recommend you chek him out on facebook ( JLWaller Flatcreek ). $300.00 No high fences, lots of pigs, price is for 3 days and you can take up two pigs at that price. Several stands to choose from. Took my 8yr old and had a blast.
Has anyone tried Green Lakes Hunting? Allen Green has plenty of hogs for $125 per day. That includes lodging. I've been going there for about 5 years now. I don't always get one but someone that goes with me may get several. Was supposed to go this weekend but my buddies complaining about it being too hot. Sissies.


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Hunted with hogSwat in SW Ga, had a great time even though the season doesn't get really good for another couple weeks. We had 2 encounters and the 2nd yielded 5 shot retrieved 3.
Hunted with hogSwat in SW Ga, had a great time even though the season doesn't get really good for another couple weeks. We had 2 encounters and the 2nd yielded 5 shot retrieved 3.
Did you have to pay for the two not retrieved?
That's really awesome, I'm gonna check into that.