Great times with wife and kids on Lanier fishing

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Got a call from the son on Thursday wanting to go fishing Friday but I had to work. Told him Saturday we had an OWL event but should be home around 4ish if he wanted to go. Sure enough around 2:30 I got a text asking if we were still going. He wanted to bring couple of his friends with him so we went. I still had herring left over from that morning at Hartwell with hopes some of the stripers would be in the areas they had for last 2 weeks. With the Zoo crew all over the lake and the heat I never marked any striper in those areas. Figured I'd go over and downline some 12-15 foot deep around docks. We came by 2 and not a wiggle. We got past the 3rd dock and the graph lit up out at the ends of 2 trees laying in water. We managed 10 fish, 3 were cats, one striper and the rest being spots. We missed and lost that many more in an hour and half of fishing. Would have loved to have been able to do that without a ski boat every 2 minutes making me have to pull out and regroup. Great times and great memories made.


Looks like a great day! Good fish and good times.


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Well done buddy, that's a mighty fine looking crew u got with ya...;). We gotta carry that crew to the hill for some fast and furious line side action...Need just a few more weeks and it will be right


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Good deal
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Congrats on some great times! Awesome photos.
Was good meeting you and your wife the other day. You backed in and I thought...........this dude krazy taking that small skiff out there today lol