Green Dot of Death Strikes Again!!

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This is my son, Cody, he's blind, but we don't let that stop us from hunting!! With a green laser attacked to his rifle, I can assist him w/shot placement. It's not the easiest way to hunt, but w/patience, and timing, success is sweet!!:flag: Deer Pic.jpg


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Cody is truly blessed to have you as his father,Paul.
Congratulations on the deer,and I hope yall get a turkey this year! God bless you both.
That's awesome!


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We have one guy using this now at the OWL deer hunts. Maybe Arrow Flinger here can get you and your son to one this year. It's been interesting telling the story about helping a blind man get his gun sighted in. Then when you get to tell folks that he killed a deer is even more interesting. Where there is a will there is a way and we all must adapt and overcome one way or the other. Tell your son congrats.

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How amazing !!!!! I commend you for your patience and I commend your son for not quitting!!
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Thank you all so much for the nice comments!! If anybody out there has any questions about the green laser, please send me a pm, and I'll be glad to get back to you. Cody and I are looking forward to turkey season....he got one a few yrs back but its time for another one!!:yeah:


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That is awesome Mr Tomcat!

My nephew is blind and he loves to go turkey hunting with me. Can't wait for this spring!!!
That's awesome I have a good friend in Kentucky that runs a camp for blind and disabled it is free of charge great deer and turkey hunting. Oh and he is blind himself shoot me a pm if interested and I will give you his concert info