Greenworks 80v 21 inch Lawn Mower

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Well I bit the bullet. I have had a toro gas push mower for over 15 years at the house. Bought it used from an small engine mechanic that would fix them up and sell them cheap. Told myself at the end of last season i got more than my money's worth out of it and wasn't gonna struggle with keeping it running and cutting good again this season.

Well i decided to go with a cordless battery powered mower. I looked at a bunch but in the end went with the Greenworks 80volt. One because my dad had one and recommended it and two, because they have a backpack blower as well that i will probably get down the road. It came with one, 4aH battery, which makes price comparison hard on these units. Some don't come with batteries and some come with smaller or larger amp hour batteries.

Long story short, assembly was very easy. As is the operation of the unit. I was wanting to get a quick cut on the lawn before the rain came so i went with the battery that only had 2 of 3 bars lit instead of waiting to fully charge it. Admittedly, i don't have a big yard (120x30 ish) but it worked great and had enough juice to finish the job. Although i didn't use the self propulsion very much to save the battery and make sure it did finish. VERY quiet in comparison to my old gas burner. Made a great cut on my thick Zosia lawn. Gotta say, i had my doubts but am very impressed with this mower thus far. Added plus is that it folds up rather small and i can tuck it in my shed rather that having to keep in under the porch like the gas burner.

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Thx for the review! Love Greenworks. Have commercial hedge trimmer n leaf blower. If I hit the lottery I would own their commercial side by side.