Growth of a buck!

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Thought I would post some pics of one of my best deer that I had the pleasure of harvesting! It began a few years ago when I happen to acquire some land to lease near my home in Dodge County. That spring while scouting I find a shed of what I believe is a good genetic 8 pt. I only find his right side but he had 4.5 inch brows and his g2 was 8.5 inches and g3 were 6.0 inches. I thought solid 8 pt. The following spring I’m scouting again and find both sheds for that year! He had grew pretty nice and decided I would go after this buck come fall. His g1 were 4.0 inches and g2 were 10.5 inches and his g3 were 9.0 inches! I’m thinking come on deer season! I had put my hang-on in the creek bottom next to his thick “bedroom”. As luck would have it, my first actual hunt for this buck was the magic time! After a light rattle session he came in behind a 4 pt and my 270 found its mark and he only ran about 50 yards and piled up! His final rack had 4.0 inch brows , his g2’s were 12.5 inches with matching 6.0 inch splits, his g3 were 11.5 inches and he scored 149 6/8ths. I hope I can post the pics to show him off. He was a true Ga Giant to me and a pleasure to hunt! I hope y’all can harvest those dream deer that are dancing in yalls heads like I was fortunate of to do that particular year!