Grunt Call Seminar

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Hey guys, My Son Samuel is 7 months old, but already a master of the grunt calling technique. He wanted me to touch base with you guys and set up a time that he can teach the rest of you the correct way to utilize this device in the deer woods. Here, he is demonstrating how you can inhale on the call in cold weather so you do not build up condensation and freeze up your call. His call of choice is the Knight & Hale Translator. Just let me know if you want to sign up. He has taught me everything that I know. :D Have a great season!



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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Where do I sign up?????

Fine looking future hunting partner you got there GABowhunter.
Never too early to get a young boy started. Looks like you got yourself a hunting partner for sure.
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grunt caller

Thanks guys, He is an awesome little guy and I am definitely looking forward to sharing the deer woods with him.



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He probably could teach me a thing or two on that call...I have never had good luck with them. My little boy seems to prefer the fawn bleat over the grunt call....he must be more of a bow hunter??
Cute picture!