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I have been on several backcountry trips into the park lately. Finally starting to catch some larger Brown's in and around pools this last trip. Fishing was slow all 4 mornings but picked up after 5pm. Low clear water made even the stealthiest of techniques tough! I fished a dry & dropper one day and caught enough smaller fish and switched to a 10' 3wt for some long line French methods for the rest of the trip for the riffles and runs. The water was 63-65 degrees the few times I checked temps.

Interestingly, I just couldn't find the fish behind the normal boulders and in small pools. Mostly attributed to my poor techniques I am sure but I was surprised. My luckiest catch was a large brown on a San Juan worm. I set the rod down to reposition behind a boulder and some branches. When I grabbed the rod I thought the current and hung the nymph on a boulder. I snatched the nymph a little to break it loose and there was an 17" brown attached and hooked through a fin!!:)). More Rainbows this trip than usual with the largest about 15/16". I ended up with about 5 larger Browns including the lucky one. All the larger fish were on various nymphs were in the 17 to 20" range.

I do believe I will take a 7'6 rod as opposed to the 9' rod for dry's and dry dropper fishing on my next trip. The longer rod gives me better reach and line mgmnt but honestly I don't get to pick and choose much wet wading the whole way up a creek. The fish are well aware of my presence earlier than I would like. Where longer cast are available the 7'6" is just a pleasure to fish.

Thanks to all for the fine input and education I receive on the forum.


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Flashback hares ear or like a rainbow warrior. Remember, if your water is
3' deep to have a leader that is long enough to get to the bottom fish and the
proper weight to keep it down. Just my limited experience! Techniques vary
greatly for different environs.
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