Guess Dad Wanted Revenge

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Sat a waterhole this afternoon and let a few does and yearlings walk. After climbing down and starting to take my last wild edge off the tree I hear something behind me. I turn my headlamp from red to white and a nice boar is in the waterhole. He stand and looks my way then starts to walk away. I go back to packing up my aider when I hear leaves rustling from my rear left. I grab my bow and nock and arrow. Big guy stopped at four yards and toted the arrow another five before expiring. Headlamp never phased him.

185lbs with good cutters. Arrow broke two ribs and shoulder blade going in and three ribs on the opposite side. Not bad for 57# and 24%foc and grizzly head.

AB9C6579-EACA-4BE5-B7A0-F686564A0095.jpeg CBFEC45B-6097-40B1-BFF2-D7578A8F9D69.jpeg 37724DDB-053A-422E-B1BA-004895728A00.jpeg