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Please send me some guide outfits that are comparable to the ones around here. I have looked into many and they are triple the average price out west. I haven’t looked to see if their prices were in Canadian dollars or USD but either way they will cost considerably more and flights / driving will also be expensive.

I know that this is kind of late but for the price of most hunts in the US you can go to Canada for not a whole lot more and once you do you won't ever look at duck and goose hunting the same again....


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Look up Cole McKinney with F5 Outfitters in Kansas. He's a great guy & can put you on birds. They hunt some good ground. We freelance the same area he hunts & they are covered up with birds around Christmas.
Please send me some guide outfits that are comparable to the ones around here. I have looked into many and they are triple the average price out west. I haven’t looked to see if their prices were in Canadian dollars or USD but either way they will cost considerably more and flights / driving will also be expensive.

I have not hunted with them but I have hunted the area on my own and Massig Migrators in Calgary hunts within an hour of the airport in Calgary and for $1200 you can hunt 3 days, lodging and meals are on your own but Calgary is a big place and lodging and meals can be as simple as a $80 motel room and a fast food joint. Flights to Calgary are also affordable from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and most major airports. They specialize in Friday through Sunday hunts for people on business travel Monday - Thursday in Calgary and making certain they are back at the airport in time on Sunday to get home. I know several people who hunt with them several times a year and they are more than satisfied. I have been told but I do not know for certain that there are several similar outfitters in the area. I have not hunted with them because I do not hunt with outfitters because I would prefer going 0 for nothing on my own over shooting a limit every day with someone else. That is not practical for most people, especially going to Canada from Georgia and especially Alberta.

Loads of all inclusive hunts in Saskatchewan for around $700 a day for 3 day hunts to $500 a day for multiple hunts and most discount those rates if the group is large enough. Traveling to Regina is not as cheap as Alberta but it is not bad. $2100 for 3 days in Sask is 100 times better than $1050 for 3 days anywhere in the US. It is also an investment because it will provide one with the basic information needed to do Sask on their own...which is very doable for ducks on water from our area. Field hunting is getting more difficult on your own but it is still possible with some leg work.

Manitoba and Ontario are chock bock full of all inclusive hunts for around $500 a day and most discount for longer trips and larger groups. Both are EASY flights from Atlanta and are very driveable. And there is some DIY opportunities, especially in Manitoba, and going a few times with an outfitter and renting a car and doing some research outside of that on those trips can provide a wealth of information if one is so inclined.

Letheridge and Medicine Hat Alberta are good choices for DIY hunting. Birds are not as plentiful but access is far easier to obtain and the pressure is nothing like it is in Sask and Manitoba. Letheridge is 3 hours north of Great Falls Montana. There is a sizeable Asian community in this part of Canada and that makes two things possible that are harder in other parts of Canada....first is they are very interested in multiple income sources and open to the idea of $100 cash for access to a lake or field that would cost $1500 in Sask and $5000 in Arkansas. They are also not completely opposed to the idea of allowing you to hunt for free if you will share your birds with them. Communication is not overly easy and lodging can be hard to get but it is VERY doable from the US. Most people forego this area in favor of Sask and Manitoba and for good reason....there is a wealth of info for DIYers....but that info holds in the Letheridge area as well.

I haven't priced Arkansas in years because you couldn't beat me with a stick and force me to hunt Arkansas but I suspect an all inclusive package is about $500 a day and, in my experience only, the folks taking your money will resent you bothering them. I suspect Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and surrounding areas will run $400 - $500 day for meals, lodging and hunting. Travel expenses are comparable to most of Canada. Logistically the US is easier but Canada is not overly hard and the difference in hunting young birds of the year and the ones with a PHd after surviving Canada and getting to Oklahoma is night and day. I would bet most people wind up paying about $2000 for three days hunting, including travel, to, say, Kansas. For another $1000 or less that person can do Canada and the hunting is as good on a bad day as it is on the best day south of the border....again, in my experience. Others love them some Arkansas....I have been there and done that many times and outside of going with someone for free I will never do it again. I am about the same on anywhere else in the US.....once you have done Canada it is hard to accept what passes for superb duck hunting and especially goose hunting south of the border.

Duck hunting over water in Southern Alberta, Sask, Manitoba or Ontario on your own is about as easy as duck hunting gets and is about as affordable, given the number of birds present, as hunting Lake Oconee. It is harder logistically but chances are the only folks you will see hunting also will be from Georgia, Alabama and the like....loads of folks do it multiple times a year. There is a wealth of information available for anyone interested....
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I did a price check for a generic all inclusive trip to Kansas in October and hunting was $1750, all inclusive, and flights were $278 for a total of $2028. Another couple of hundred for incidentals. Driving would be about $360 at 15 MPG.

A 3 day September hunt in Alberta would be $1200, Lodging would be about $400, car rental about $300 and meals about $300. Flights were around $300. About $2500 with another couple of hundred for incidentals. The flights are longer and it is about $500 more expensive but the hunting difference would be like night and day Everything including shells and bird processing is $2500 so about $2800 with flights. If 2 of you are going and share lodging/ car rental it would be about the same as Kansas. If you fly into Calgary a car would not be required most likely but I would want one. Not a lot of difference in $2000 and $2500 or $2800 for what could be the trip of a lifetime. Hunting in Canada is logistically more difficult than hunting in Kansas but it isn't overly difficult....loads of folks do it and there is loads of information and tips. Going a few times with an outfitter with a couple of days before or after will provide ample information for DIY duck hunting over water that is as cost effective as hunting in Alabama and far easier and exponentially better than the best anywhere in the US outside of some private refuge.
If you do a good Canada hunt it will ruin you for just about anything in the SE USA. My buddies and I freelanced west of Peace River, Alberta for years. We targeted Canada geese and always brought back possession limits for three days hunting. On occasion we’d inadvertently set up in a grain field with both ducks and geese and that was a real shootout. Our fastest shoot was three of us taking 24 Canada geese and 24 mallards and pintails in an hour and a half. All of the birds we “in our face” feet down coming into our dekes.

Research a good guide and treat yourself But waterfowl hunting will never be the same for you here.