Gun owner's in SW GA...Listen up!

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On Tuesday Jan 8th, you have a unique opportunity to put the most pro-gun candidate in this race into the Georgia Senate!

I am Jeff Bivins and I am running for the Senate District 11 Special Election. I am THE pro-gun candidate. I have an AQ rating from the NRA and I am endorsed by Georgia Right to Life.
-I am the only candidate to even return the "Georgia Gun Owners" survey (100% of course).
-I have a 20 year track record advancing the cause of freedom and preserving and restoring our gun rights at the grass roots level.
-I will work to pass "Constitutional Carry"
-I will draft Senate Companion bills for the 4 pro-gun bills introduced by Charles Gregory in the House. That's the fastest way to get these laws on to the Governor's desk. I'm the only candidate that has taken this position and it will be my first order of business.
-I will work to implement the soon-to-be-released "NRA Defensive Pistol" course as a step to creating an "Enhanced Concealed Carry License" that will allow holders to carry in government buildings, and most importantly, school campuses. One of my closest friends wrote the course for the NRA as he is a "Master Training Consultant" whereas I am a lowly NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun instructor.
-I am an FFL and Class III dealer
-I am an advocate for "State Nullification" of unconstitutional federal what is on the horizon.
-I have a perfect score on the "Georgia Campaign for Liberty" survey.
-I will fight to roll back "Sustainable Development"/UN Agenda 21 that the republican establishment is forcing down our throats. This is an all out war against our private property rights coming at us from numerous directions; from land use management to water rights.

Now is the time to re-establish our Republic starting in our own back yard. If you are in SW Georgia, please vote to keep our gun rights by voting for me. If you know someone in District 11, call them and spread the word.

Yours in Liberty,
Dr. Jeff Bivins
facebook: Jeff Bivins (or) Bivins for Senate
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Not in your area but made a donation.


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You donated to a "right to life" candidate, you better not tell your libertarian buddies, or they may kick you out of their club. :rofl:
There are plenty of libertarians on both sides of that fence. Not a big issue for me.


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I might vote for him, I will need to do some research on him. His pro life stance isn't a deal breaker for me.
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What is your position on the Constitutional Tender Act? Would you be willing to sponsor it if elected?
Now that is one of the best questions I have had to date.

Yes, I would support that in a New York second, but we don't have time! I tried to run for our House seat in November, but the Georgia 2 party dictatorship has ballot access laws designed to keep independent thinkers complaining and moaning on the sidelines as the "political class" destroys our wealth and wrecks our cities, counties, states and nation. One issue that I presented at the Georgia Libertarian Convention, where I received a unanimous nomination, was addressing our coming fiat currency collapse. We must do something at the state level before we can address our floundering fiat currency at the federal level. We have completely lost control at the federal level, so we must act at the state level to avoid disaster.

Here is what I propose. We must institute a state owned and operated bank. I know for many Libertarians that is a bitter pill to swallow. However, we have a model to copy just as we have a model of state nullification of federal law to copy. It's not coincidence that these models come from the same state: North Dakota. All state finances such as payments (in and out), fees, and taxes are handled through the "Bank of North Dakota". Think of it as a really big credit union. They provide low interest loans (student, home, agriculture, etc) and handle all state employee funds. Check out their history here:

Moneyed interests began to abuse farmers using the illegitimate financial tools given to them by the federal government and the private central banking cartel. The people of the state demanded protection from this financial predation in 1919...and they got it. Today it is the most sound banking institution in our nation. That is also not a coincidence. Any profit generated by the bank is rolled back into state government for the express purpose of reducing the cost of government to the taxpayer. This system works, and it is the fastest and easiest way to regain control over our financial destiny. Once we have achieved this in Georgia, our coffers will begin to fill. Once that happens and Georgia becomes an economic powerhouse, the rest of the nation will follow suit. And once that happens, we can force an end to the private central banking cartel and return to sound money.

I have always been a gold bug, but I must say that I am now open to alternatives such as silver (best) or even greenbacks that have TIGHT M1 CONTROL (quantity). Without severe M1 control, as Ludwig Von Mises alluded to, all fiat currencies will eventually reach the zero sum.

BTW, my Bachelors in Science is in economics from Berry College. Their economics department is filled with firebrand Austrian School adherents like me. It took a lot for me to move away from gold, which is still the only true "money", but Bill Still presents powerful arguments, and I am a fan of his work.

Check out his videos "The Money Masters" and "The Secret of Oz" on youtube. His book "No More National Debt" is also a read that is well worth your time.

For those of you that have contributed, I am amazed at your selfless acts. I teach my children that selflessness is the highest exhibition of human virtue, despite that at my heart lies an Objectivist. The men, many of them former and retired military, who are volunteering for my campaign absolutely amaze me. And what is even more amazing is their humility when I brag on them.

This is a rare opportunity to put someone in office who knows these government scams and seeks to put them down like a rabid animal. If you can't vote for me, or can't support the campaign financially, then please pray for me.

Yours in Liberty,
Jeff Bivins
facebook: Jeff Bivins or Bivins for Senate
We must do something at the state level before we can address our floundering fiat currency at the federal level. We have completely lost control at the federal level, so we must act at the state level to avoid disaster.
I agree with this completely. I'm convinced that the federal government is too far gone to turn back the tide. It is way past time that the states step up and assert the legal authority that is theirs under the Constitution.

I think you may have misunderstood. The legislation I was referring to is state, not federal, and doesn't address fiat money at the federal level. It simply brings the state back into compliance with article 1 section 10 of the Constitution.

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

It's already the law and the states are operating in violation of it.

There was a bill spearheaded by Bill Greene and Bobby Franklin a couple years ago. Bobby passed away and I believe Mr Greene recently moved to South Carolina. I had asked him last year and I think he said it had been picked up by representative Jason Spencer (if memory serves me correctly). We need to get more state legislators that will get behind this. The constitution is clear on this requirement so any legislator that takes the oath to the Constitution and doesn't support this is violating their oath of office.

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Thanks for the embedded link. Yes, I am an advocate of gold and silver accounts and it is a perfect mesh with the State Bank approach. I would not only vote for such a bill, I would sponsor it. There is also the issue of urgency as we are dangerously close to losing reserve currency status that acts as a subsidy to our "petro dollars". Now we are on the verge of seeing a sovereign bond market collapse as there is a far higher debt to capital ratio than in 2008. There truly is a perfect storm approaching.

Currently, there are few banks that offer such depository options with one of the most renowned being Everbank. It would be a dream come true to see precious metals accounts available to all Georgia residents and employees.

Thank you for the engaging questions and information!


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I might vote for him, I will need to do some research on him. His pro life stance isn't a deal breaker for me.
Really? Well then maybe you should go back and read some of your past posts. I think you'll find your ability to despise him. Just try. You know you can do it.:rolleyes:
I live in Grady County and know Dr. Bivins, he is a straight forward stand up guy in my opinion. He will get my vote and the vote of my family and close friends. I volunteer with the local BSA troup and his boys are very well-mannered, and Dr. Bivins attenends most of our meetings and helps out all he can. Like I said he seems to be a very honest and straight forward guy. We need more people like him working for us.


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i don't know about him,but i believe in right to choice...i wouldn't personally agree with aborting my kid...:flag:
If you believe in the individual right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, how can you ever be pro choice? When you kill someone you take away every liberty they have and will ever have. I don't think being able to kill another human being without reprocussions is a right. It takes a pretty convoluted way of thinking to ever come to the conclusion that taking a life is not murder just because you created that life to begin with.
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In Thomas County, some supporter's are planning to open carry while waving signs near the polling places tomorrow. I love this type of grass-roots, pro-gun activism. I think I may join them when I'm out and about.

If you are in Grady, Thomas, Decatur, Miller, Mitchell, Colquitt, Seminole or Early Counties, please go vote for me. If you know someone there, please call them and urge them to go vote for Jeff Bivins. This is likely to be an election with low voter turnout, so don't think your vote won't count. Every one will be crucial.