Gunsmith in Augusta, Ga area

thanks just sensitive on the autism issue.i apologize if I offended in anyway..i have rifles built by many of the top flight next is going to be with joe collier..have done research on him and as retirement is only a few years off and other important financial issues are also relevant joe will build it...his work and reputation are impeccable both as a gun builder but just important a person..our conversation went well and will be starting shortly.also for a hunting rifle saving a great deal of money which will cover scope cost is a no brainer..Robert gradous work is as good as it gets but joe is the man for me on this project


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No- I’m the one who was probably in the verge of being offensive. I have nonissue being held accountable for my opinions and how I express them.

I get more work done than I should or than I need just to have an excuse to hang over at joe’s. He’s a good dude for sure and priced really reasonably.