Guys,it doesn't get any better than this!

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What an incredible weekend! My daughter and I have been hunting the open morning of gun season now for the last 4 years. The last two she has been hunting and I've been there for moral support. :)
Saturday morning we were in a double lock on set up in a big bottom. About eight o'clock the deer started moving. One doe after another came by, but Lauren just couldn't get a clear shot. Even had one at 15 yards, but the sun was shining directly on her scope so she couldn't see clear enough to know exactly where she was aiming.(I'm proud of her for being mature enough about her hunting to not pull the trigger.) Finally, about 9:30 a nice doe comes across the creek and right to us. About forty yards out I grunt her to a stop. Lauren makes a perfect shot and the deer runs about thirty yards and piles up.That makes doe number four for her. Lots of hugging ,high fives all around and pictures.
My daughter says the only way this weekend could get any better is if she was to kill her first buck on Sunday.
Sunday morning we are in a little finger bottom in a double ladder stand. About eight o'clock a little four point comes out and heads for us. I tell Lauren he's not a shooter so we are just watching him. The wind is blowing right at him . At about 50 yards he smells us and turns and blows and runs off. I tell her we can't have that, so I get out my bottle of scent shield and drown both of us with it.(Turns out that was a good move.)
At 8:30 we see a deer coming down the same trail towards us. I think it's that little four coming to check us out again. We are just watching the deer slowly walk towards us. He hits an opening and I realize it's a pretty nice buck and tell Lauren to get her gun up and get ready! He walks up within about thirty yards of us and I hit the grunt. The buck freezes and looks right at us. After what seems like ten minutes,(actually about five seconds) Lauren drills him! He does the big leg kick, wheels around and runs back the way he came. He hits a creek, gets sideways, and then disappears but we see a little tree shutter as he crashes into it.
We anxiously wait about five minutes then go to see her buck. He's an eight point about 160 pounds and fourteen inches wide!! Nice two and a half year old deer.He was already rutting big time. Neck swelled up and we could smell his hocks 20 yards before we got to him. He went about 40 yards.
Words can't tell you how it felt to see the pride and excitement on my daughter's face!
When your 14 year old daughter tells you there is no place in the world she'd rather be and no one in the world she'd rather be with it melts this old dad's heart.
I know she may not be my regular hunting partner for too much longer but I'm cherishing every second of it now.
Guy's it just doesn't get any better than that!
A VERY happy Teach :D


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Great story! I too have a 14 year old daughter named Lauren and she hunted with me yesterday. We saw some does yesterday afternoon and that was the first time she had seen deer out of the stand and she was so excited. I can't wait to experience what ya'll did yesterday. What kind of rifle/caliber is she shooting?
Thanks for sharing your story.....its great!

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Congrats Teach! I had my 8 year old little angel with me this weekend. She had never been with me. (She can't stay still!!! LOL) Anyway, I let her use "THE CAN" call Saturday night and darned if a doe didn't run right straight to us! We heard it coming in and my little girl looked over at it and got all excited. She must have told me 10 times that night "DAD, that deer was BEAUTIFUL!" She was too, but not nearly as beautiful as my littel girl sitting next to me hunting!

Nothing in the world like it! What an awesome blessing to be able to spend time afield with your childrem.

Tell her "Congratulations" from Bandy.....and good luck with the rest of the season!

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Only one thing could make that better..... Show US the pictures. She's gotta have a smile as big as Texas!

Good going, Teach! Congrats to you and your daughter!


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That's AWESOME Teach! :clap: :D :clap:
She may be your hunting partner a lot longer than you think. Even if she's not, as you know, she will be treasuring these memories forever! Now THAT is the way it's supposed to be. Very happy for BOTH of you! :clap:
Hunt/fish safely,


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Now that is Great, Way to go Teach. I think your huntin pardner will stick with you longer that you may believe. Anyhow, what a wonderful weekend you had. :clap: Congrats to you both.


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That's awesome! I can't wait 'til my daughter is old enough to hunt with me.
What a great story. I smiled just reading about her hunts. Congrats to Lauren and yourself Hunting teacher.
Congrats! and I thought I was the only one who had that kind of weekend. My son who's 12 shot his first buck Saturday evening at 6:15 p.m. He and I were about 80 yds apart (within sight distance) and he lowered the boom on an 8-pointer who was 14.5 wide and 190lbs on the hoof, his body was huge! I never saw the deer, he saw it, counted points and made the shot decision all on his own. The deer walked to within 12 yards of him feeding on acorns. We were hunitng on an oak hilltop bordered by a thick mix of pines and hardwoods. He was using the Marlin 30-30 I bought when I was 13, the one I killed my first deer with.

He got a new Summit Viper for Xmas this past year and he's been in the yard practicing in it all summer so he was ready. It was the greatest moment I've ever had in the woods, replaces all the bucks I've ever taken as far as the feeling I got.I could go the entire season and not see another deer and this would be by far the best season I've ever had.

He is now the man in our camp.
Both stories are GREAT :clap:

That is indeed "What it's ALL about"!

Thanks for sharing!
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We hunt just north of McRae on CR46.1100 acres
She shoots a Ruger M77 Compact in 243.
I'm still sky high. Got the pictures back and I'll see about posting them.


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Thanks Teach. That is exactly what Lauren's grandfather is giving her this week. I know that he has killed dozens of deer with it over the years. She hasn't ever wanted to go to much but this year has really shown some interest. I got to take advantage of this time before the boys win out and being off with Dad just ain't cool.
Again thanks and what a wonderful story!


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