Gwinnett Parks Meeting Oct 28

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The Gwinnett County Parks Dept. is having a Public Input Meeting on its new 1,800 acre Harbins/Alcovy Park. This Dacula area park is primarily wooded and is full of deer. This meeting is our chance to request managed bowhunts on this property. The county has never allowed hunting, but this is the time to bring it up.

The CamoCoalition and GONetwork has been involved and we hope to have a large contingency of hunters present at the meeting. A few speakers have been prepped and designed to bring up key points. Hunters will be recognized and have an opportunity to fill out a card requesting hunts. This would also be an opportunity to request firing ranges, archery ranges, and trap and skeet.

We pay taxes too, its time to let the county know that we want to hunt on this land. Suggested hunts will probably be brought up, but will likely be managed quota bowhunts.

The meeting is at Harbins Elementary School located at 3550 New Hope Road in Dacula. Call 770-682-4270 for directions. It will be Thursday October 28 at 7pm. We need to have a strong showing and presence of sportsmen at this meeting.


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We need a firing range real bad. Presently the closest range is over an hours drive from my house and there are none in Gwinnett County.
Yes! A firing range would be awesome that close to home :cool: