Habersham County 2018 Report

Yea I use to hunt up around Shirley Grove a lot, the Buck in my profile pic was harvested there. The deer are there they are just few and far between. There is just so much land up there for them to thrive on with no pressure. I think when they closed Grannies Camp it reduced the pressure that use to keep them moving more. Good Luck
Grannies camp belong to Ga Power or USFS ??
I am familiar with it. We frequented the area before they gated it. I was under the impression nut in the day alot of it was Ga Power back toward Lake Rabun.
Never really understood why they closed it. I heard it became a "environmentally sensitive area' due to dirt bikers and jeeps tearing it up. You may be correct on the backside, it may of been Georgia Power because they do have land there. I always hunted the side on Shirley Grove.
I have been seeing a lot of rubs on the land I hunt in Turnerville. Saw a 4 pointer with his nose to the ground weekend before last. Other than that no real signs like chasing or anything. The doe I have seen have been by their selves.
I have 3 does and a little one I keep fed behind the house. Had a good 8 earlier this year and a little bitty 6 (wife calls him Twigs) but they disappeared around the beginning of November. Saw one of the does right at dark run by the porch and the 8 was running her. He stuck around chasing and grunting for 20 minutes and then Twigs showed up.

They are getting a 2nd wind it seems. This is around Demorest.