Half time

Why do ya'll watch it and then complain about it.:huh: The channels do change if you hit the button. ;)
Humm if I change the channel then all I got to go by is what is what those that liked it and those that didn't say :huh: but I watched and I thought it sucked but then again that's just my opinion just like those that liked it.
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Threads like these are cruel. Adam Levin had to make a statement today against all the negativity about the halftime show.
Dang.....I dodn't mean to offend him !! What is your of information if you don't sharing please ?


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I only saw the bands YouTube stuff prior to the game, so flipped over to see what they were like live. Now I know, they are really awful.


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Regarding the Halftime Show.......Best two parts for me.....when Adam walked out into the crowd.....there were some seriously good looking womenz dancing around.........second best part was seeing the sweet convertible Cadillac that Big Boi rode out in....very sharp car.

I could have done without the beep bop tunes and wrap stuff....and he should've kept his clothes on.

It's such an awesome venue.....so much more could've been done.

Tough to make everyone happy....but Maroon 5 ????

Favorite commercials for me were the various Bud Light GoT versions......and the Toyota Supra commercial....so cool to see it back.....if I was Hobbit-sized I may be able to actually fit in one. :rofl: :rofl:

The game itself was fairly predictable. Knew the Rams defensive line would put pressure on Brady. Knew Gurley's knee would be a factor. Knew the Patriots would be better coached in all aspects. Also knew that the Patriots would get some love from the refs.

Tony Romo was spot on with his running commentary. I feel like he does an excellent job with his new job.