Handgun Challenge Range Day

I'll try to get up and check out Ocmulgee and Riverbend WMA's this weekend to check out their facilities....

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now days most ranges have minimum 100 yrds on the range for handguns for liability insurance junk reasons -- my private club does


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It may be too far north, but Creek side is an outdoor range west of Cartersville, and there is another outdoor range in Adairsville. Both have handgun ranges and rifle ranges.

There is a WMA range at John's Mountain. I have not been there in years, but it was fairly nice back then. At that time it had a 25 yard and 100 yard range.

If any of this is of interest, I will locate more info for you.
HHMM. I'm interested in this myself. Outdoor would be my preference as well. While I am located in the northern half of this fine state I have family around Oconee and Ft Stewart and am willing to travel anywhere.
Richmond hill WMA has a free outdoor range that was recently cleaned by someone and i am proud to say that it was cleaned up nicely. I always hated going out there and seeing a ton fo garbage from slobs. I personally cleaned up at least a trash can full every time i went out but it never made a dent in what was there...but it is in pristine condition now and i hope it stays that way. If anyone would be up to shooting there in the evenings during the week or mornings on the weekends...i would be willing to meet up after the 18th and drop a few rounds downrange and even would let some others try out my playtoys as well...Lone Eagle, Glocks, Walther...i even got a 475 Wildey Magnum but do not have ammo for it yet...
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Alright all. I kinda got derailed with having to travel for work.

I am heading up to Cherokee Gun Club tomorrow for a silhouette shoot. Anybody who wants to join me is more than welcome. We shoot smallbore (.22LR) and Field Pistol (straight walled cartridges 1.29" or less, which includes the .44 mag and down). It is a lot of fun and for newbies the first series is free. After that it is $5 a series. Lunch is provided (donations are appreciated). In one series you will shoot 45 times. 5 sighters, 10 rounds at 25 yards, 10 rounds at 50 yards, 10 rounds at 75 yards, and 10 rounds at 100 yards. FP is shot standing and SB is shot all sorts of ways. The only rule for freestyle shooting is no artificial rests.
It is a great way to practice those off-hand shots that sometimes present themselves.
So, for less than $20 you can shoot all day (both guns and bull) and have a great time with some great people.
Also, it is not a competition. The only person that you compete against is yourself. And don't worry about it if you don't have a gun that is perfectly "legal" for IHMSA. We will let you shoot whatever you have as long as it doesn't damage the targets.
I will be bringing a few extra boxes of .22 ammo and I will let anyone who wants to shoot SB with my Contender.

Also, I am planning a day at Creekside sometime before the season starts. I will post more when I have it firmed up.


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There is a range that I frequent. Its a WMA range, its free, and easy to get to. North-west of LaGrange about 8 miles.
An hour and a half drive from Dallas at the most. An hour and a half from Columbus. Almost two hours from Macon.
headed to a range in Athens today or tomorrow to sight in my new scope I just put on my lone eagle. Anyone want to go??
I am going up to pull a couple of stands off the property I hunt up there. There is an indoor range near Franklins I was gonna head too.
Straightshooter, i would take you in a heart beat but there is 3 others going and we are paying for the privledge to hunt the property...maybe next year if the opprotunity arises again and we are fortunate enough to get a call to come. :)
outdoor range in banks co. at wilson shoals wma. 100 yd. has outhouse, tables, covered, and has a volunteer to keep things in order, no nonsence.
I'm pretty sure the Wilson Shoals WMA range is only 75 yards.

Bibb sheriffs department range is open mon - fri 7-5 and has a 250 yds range thats were i check my guns also griswoldville has a 500 yds range its about 8-9 miles from macon it is a private club but im sure someone would let yall shoot marion rd in macon also has a 200yd range . Eagle gun range is indoor and only 25 yds not much of a challenge . Wma range in hawkinsville is 50-100yd kinda short for long range pistol shootin . Maybe this will help with your ideas of a shoot and hopefully i can attend if its in middle georgia