Happy 21st Hntrchk!

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21 years ago today at 9:30 AM, I became a Daddy when you came into the world :clap:

Happy Birthday! Your Daddy loves you!


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Hope you have a fine one :clap:

Happy day young lady (ok not so young anymore:D)

Keep your head on straight and remember you owe the world, the world owes you nothing. Yeah Yeah I keep telling my 18 yr old daughter the same.



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Now you can do things legally that you didnt think your dad knew you were doing before you were 21 :eek: I am only kidding. Happy b-day. Wish I was 21 again.


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Happy birthday Jessie... :clap:

Hope you have a great one!

Btw, I guess Dad's taking you on a shopping spree at Bass Pro for your birthday right... :bounce:
thanks guys!!!! so far i've had a good day except i've been in class all day. and i will be till 9:15pm. but i think i'll still find time to go out for my birthday. goin to Applebee's- $1 draft night on tuesdays :D
Thanks Guys!!! Its Been A Good Day Except That I've Been In Class All Day And Will Be Till 9:15 Pm. But That Will Still Give Me Time To Go Out And Celebrate!!!! Goin To Applebee's- $1 Draft Night Is On Tuesdays Woohoo!!! ;) Jessie
Thanks Guys! I'm Plannin On Goin To Applebee's For $1 Draft Night When I Get Out Of Class At 9:15 Tonite To Celebrate! And About That Trip To Bass Pro..... Sounds Good To Me. Jessie