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If you can weld why not test in at plant Sherer in Juliet? You will get hired with one of the contractors if you pass a welding test. The pay is good and you would get per diem too. No you wouldn’t have benefits but the pay is such that it might be worth it. They have a shut down going on right now so you would have to wait for the next one. I weld and hang iron for a living and unless you can get on at one of these plants as permanent personnel benefits are just not part of it. I make good money and have insurance through my wife’s job but I have to see about my own retirement. I work for a small company and there are a lot of good things about that but like anything there is a trade off. My in laws all farm and they tell me all the time that I ought to start my own business etc but it’s honestly more headache than I want.


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If you have welding experience and will show up you shouldn't have any trouble landing a job that meets your needs. Force yourself onto people. Fab shops, steel companies, large farms, etc. I know two guys that own fab shops, neither of which can keep good help it seems and they start pay around $18/hr
Let me start with my background. I have 7 years law enforcement and counting. I have been to college (I have the equivalent of an associates degree in credit), and have certificates of credit in automotive, air craft structural technology, and Mig/ stick welding multiple positions. I am extremely reliable, punctual, professional, and honest. I have reliable transportation, and have solid references. I am looking to get out of law enforcement. I honestly don’t know what I am looking for, but I want Monday-Friday, dayshift, I can work nights and weekends on occasion, but family is #1. I have management experience. MUST make more than $40,000 and have benefits. I am open to just about any job, I also will have my CDL permit Wednesday of this week. I prefer within 1 hour drive of Warner Robins, BUT I will travel further for the right pay.
I would consider getting into Logistics. One co thats huge is BNSF. Good luck.
Did you ever find anything? I repair appliances for sears. It starts around $18-$20/hr but you get a fair amount of overtime plus commission and bonuses. Weekends off and benefits. If you can use a multimeter you can fix appliances... if you’re interested PM me. We’re hiring all over central and southern Georgia.
And if you have gotten your CDL you can make the money you want you just have to "shop" around to find a company that works like you want to work been doing it for 22 years and only work about 40-45 hours /week weekends off and make 45,000 plus /year