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Been bowhunting nearly 30 years. However this is my 1st year with trad gear. Wished I'd started with it in the beginning. Having a ball. Not killing much as usual but having a ball. I've been trying to do it on the ground. Deer see better than people want to give them credit for!! After missing another already fixn to run because she's not sure bout what she's been headbobbing and stomping at for the last ten minutes, I think I'm gonna take an elevated advantage. Maybe my next post will have a picture with it😂

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Ground hunting works but you will need to build a nice blind. I speaking of a natural blind. Make sure it’s high enough to hide your top limb and always build a back to the blind. Having the front built in a semi circle without a back drop allows movement to be seen thru blind easier. Tree stand are easier but not foolproof


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Just remember to bend at the waste when shooting in a tree. Take some practice shots up there as well. If you’re like me you have to consciously bend before picking a spot so you don’t sail one over the back of the deer.
Good luck bud!!!!!!
I’m with Southern Thunder.... stick with it. I sold my Matthews several years ago to get a custom trad bow built. One of the best hunting decisions I’ve made. Forced my-self to sit, watch, and draw them in close. I’ve learned so much more about deer and pigs too for that matter, than I did in the 1st 20 years of hunting. Definitely enjoy the experience more now.
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Hung a stand at lunch today in a white oak with a beaten trail running ten yards from it. Bout 6:20 this evening two small does came right down the trail at a real fast walk. I could hear a dog barking in the holler they came from. They stopped bout 20 yards from me and stood still for a few minutes. Then they left the trail and started feeding around and seemed very calm. With my old Grizzly in my hand I slowly moved my left knee out of my way. Leaning forward I told myself pick your spot, pull string to tip of nose, and focus on spot. The first one slowly made it's way to about 8 or 9 yards, the angle made my 16' perch seem realy high. I thought bout where the arrow would come out. Steep angle. Small deer. Small vitals. I knew I'd need to make it count. With its head down leg forward, I prayed as I came to full draw "be with me Lord", anchored and let the Zwickey fly. Mule kick, head low sprint into a big crash just 40 yards behind me. My 1st stickbow deer. What a gift! Thanks to all that gave me pointers and encouragement since I started this thing back in January. Screenshot_20191102-195955.png
Congrats.... now you’re hooked


...just joking, seriously.
Way to stick with it.
I am a natural with a slingshot, so I tried trad before compound.
I couldn't hit the ground if I shot down from the sky. So when I picked up the compound, I said 'this is something I can do...'
Never tried recurve again...