Hartwell fishing

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Has anyone had any luck fishing for catfish or crappie on lake Hartwell?
Haven’t been all year and was wondering if anyone was catching anything much...... or if I have missed the whole show..
Crappie are back on structure and cats are biting good. Anchor up about anywhere in 15-25 ft if water right now and you shouldn't have any trouble finding some channel cats and maybe even a stray flathead. Cut herring on a Carolina rig will produce. Don't be suprised if you hang a big striper on cut bait either. Good luck!
Thanks for the info..... hope to get there soon!!
Always like to hear a good fishing report
Don't be scared to drop a big bait either. Been catching some big blues over the past couple weeks on either big cut bream or crappie.
I must have been fishing the wrong areas. Up until this weekend ive had little to no luck on the cats.