Have Yall Seen The Acorn Crop

Squirrel are cutting the Red Oaks. I saw a White Oak in a yard that was loaded in Clarkesville. Critters will be eating good for a while.

Mark R

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The oaks here in tift/Irwin co started a good crop . Then the hot dry weather has got em droppin before maturity . maybe some will make it
No acorns in southwest GA where Michael came through. Oaks that did survive were stressed and were just trying to put on vegetation and leaf back out. Many were so stressed the leaves have turned already in early august. Hopefully next year they will make a crop and we don't go 2 years without a mast crop.


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I haven't hunted in a hardwood stand in years. I hunt transition areas in plated pine stands. The oaks are 300-400 yards from my best stand
The squirrels started cutting acorns off the white oaks in my front yard 3 weeks ago. They were little bitty knots but there were tons of them. Fast forward three weeks and they are still cutting them off but they are acorn sized now and there's still tons of them. This year is looking like a bumper crop which is about right because last year we had no white or red oak acorns to speak of.