Have you ever considered quitting hunting?

Have you ever thought about quitting hunting?

  • Yes I have.

    Votes: 34 43.6%
  • No, never.

    Votes: 38 48.7%
  • Not until now. Thanks for nothing!

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I'll never, ever quit! It is who and what I am!

BUT I have backed off on the intensity level a bunch over the last few years. I guess it's because I'm hunting with my kids, and other peoples kids.

If Tater Tot wants to sleep in, instead of getting out on a cold morning it's OK, I'll sit in camp and drink coffee :)

If a 16 year old Hntrchk is having fun putting sticks in the holes of Dad's hat that's OK too :)

If they want to sit by the fire until all hours of the night, I'll hang with em :D

I want my kids to enjoy their time in the woods. If I was still the driven and intense trophy hunter I once was I don't think they would be interested in going. I still love getting a biggun but that is not the top priority anymore :fine:

Someday maybe they will have the fire I used to have and I can get some of it back again, but I really like where I am now :D
Stump man

stumpman said:
Donnie you sound as bad as my son. When we go dove hunting if there are no doves he wants to shoot dragon flies.Ya'll just like killin something.
I gotta admit I took many a butt-whooping for shooting birds off the feeder since I was 6 or so(iknow,Iknow,,baiting)And people may never understand but ever since my first BB guns and rabbit boxes,I've had the urge.I do enjoy the scenery and the quiet and solitude,but I also enjoy hollering at the dogs,kicking briars,ragging my friends for missing or congratulating them on a shot.I like to take my boy and hunt at his pace,and I love to get a week off and hunt hard too.......Some may say it's bloodlust,some may call it prey drive,some may think I just like to kill things.....but it's deeper than that.I don't have to limit out every year,but I do enjoy success at hunting more than not seeing something.......It's like we tell the kids we coach,"we're just playing for fun.........and losing ain't fun"I'm a conservationist at heart,but the very thing I work so hard to protect and cultivate,I kill too..........I may never figure it all out,But I'll never quit,donnie


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Had to for 10 years. Pretty hard to find anything to hunt submerged in a submarine. The rotation cycle I was on always had me in HolyLoch during deer season.


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I guess...

...you could say I did quit. For 17 years. I grew up hunting in the Ocala National Forrest with my grandfather, uncles, dad, and brother. Then when I "found" girls and started playing golf and spent a couple years on active duty, I just didn't go back.

About three years ago I was down in NE FL visiting the folks over Christmas break. My brother was going thru a divorce and asked if I wanted to go sit in a tower stand with him one afternoon. Man, we were sittin' there talking quietly and watching the woods and the smells and sounds and cold chill in the air really got my heart pounding. Of course the fact that we saw three or four deer didn't hurt either. Been hooked since that evening. As in bad. Went from no bow to two bows. Went from no firearms to ten or so. Heck, I just got a new toy I bought for myself. A S&W Performance Center 41 Mag. Just mounted and boresighted the scope tonite. Can't wait to go to the range this weekend. And, I have a T/C Encore on order with the custom shop. I got it bad.

Killed my first buck this year. I think that made it worse. Saw deer every time I went to the woods after that morning. Haven't picked up a golf club since July. Actually turned down an invite to play in the pro-am at the Shark Shootout in Naples to go hunt.

My wife thinks I've lost it. She talks about how much I've changed. I have. No doubt. And I think it's for the better. I don't care about joining a fancy golf club any longer. I don't have the urge to buy a new German sportscar every two years. And I can not wait until my boys are old enough to go hunting with me. My five year old is close, but my 3 year old has it in his eyes. Those are going to be great days.

Sorry for the length of my post. I get a little wound up now and again ;)

Lucky Chandler


Yep, the thought has gone through my mind more than once recently. This season was the worst I've seen since I started back hunting. As I sat in my stand, minding my own business on the first day of the season, and watched as a bunch of hounds from the club next door invaded my property within an hour of legal shooting time, I started to wonder whether it's really worth it to tie up several zeroes worth of dollars to own hunting property when all you have to do in Georgia is just buy $50 worth of dogs and hunt everybody else's property. :rolleyes: As I sat back on my front porch and watched the season dwindle away on the last Saturday of the season, and the dogs were still there, and I hadn't taken a deer all season, yep, the thought is still going through my mind.

I'm going to forget deer hunting for a while and hope the fever comes back before it's time to start working on the Spring food plots.


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The thought crossed my mind this year also. ::huh: I guess what brought it on was not being able to hunt much the last couple years. I even joined a new lease in Ga. this year and made it up twice talk about a waste of good money. Then I have to over come this thought with ....04 is behind me now and 05 will be a much better year. So with the good Lord willing things will shape up for me. You know what it is already off to a good start with the exception of the news I got about my daughter but thats for another thread.


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Ever since my dad first took me hunting i have been in the woods every chance i get. I couldnt imagine going a year with spending some cold october mornings 30 ft in a tree!
Yes, every year about half way through deer season when all of the out of towners show up with the noise (trucks and 4 wheelers) and hunt the property lines.


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I voted no, but like many others have already posted, it is getting expensive. I think loss of suitable hunting habitat will run many people out. With timber companies selling their holdings hunting land will become more and more scarce. Buying your own land is a solution, but raw land in GA is way overpriced IMHO.


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Nope, nota, no way jose

Good thread Phil, I am shocked at the # of yes votes and post, especially at a hunting/fishing fourm page.


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Well, not until now! I read the title of your thread and thought, "Heck no!" Then the thought crossed my mind, "Hmmm, what would it be like not to hunt anymore?" So now I guess I have actually "considered" the thought! Thanks, Phil!!! ::ke: I still voted "NO!"

Seriously, though, when I was in college, I went through a period where I hunted very little throughout the year. (I guess I was too busy chasing after something else in those days! :bounce: ) When I did finally make it home on Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, I would eventually end up sitting in a deer stand or on a dove field, though. I can truthfully say that I have never thought, "Hmmm, I think I will give up hunting all together." The thought of that scares me!


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I am seriously considering it. If baitng becomes legal in Georgia I probably will. I do not wish to be associated with such unethical "hunting" practices. No I know I don't have to allow it on my club but where do you think our deer will be if we don't bait. If it becomes legal it will bemandatory if you want to see any deer! I'll probably quit then!


I plan to quit until they legalize baiting. Then we can all just blast away at Boone and Crockett's all day long and not have to hunt at all. :banginghe
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It's all good.

Duff said:
Nope, nota, no way jose
Good thread Phil, I am shocked at the # of yes votes and post, especially at a hunting/fishing fourm page.
I actually think it's good. Note, that presumably, all those people who voted yes, still do in fact hunt. My personal opinion is if you just 'blindly' do something (even hunting) without ever stopping to really question 'why' or 'IF' you should be doing it, it tends to lead to unproductive at best, and destructive at worst, behavior.
Hunt/fish safely,


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HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Nope !!!...Never!!!...Noway!!!!!

I just spent 4 last Days of the Season with D2D,JT,and my Dad.....My Deer sighting were 0000000 :banginghe :banginghe , But I had a BLAST !!!!!!....Great fun...Great Freinds and Great Food !!!!!!!.....Its what I am and what I do !!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :yeah: :yeah: