Have you ever cried in the Deer Woods ??

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Has the sight of the sun breaking over the woods ever moved your emotions to tears?

Has the sight of the sun lowering over the horizon ever moved you to tears?

Kneeling down beside the deer you just killed ever invoked such emotions that you shed a tear?

Have you ever felt such peace and serenity while in the woods that you were overwhelmed with a flood of emotions, such as peace, contentment, happiness, and had tears run down your cheeks?

I have … on many occasions for many reasons … and I don’t care if you call me a sissy either.
I have been flooded with such powerful emotions at seeing the dawn of a new day, just as I have been overwhelmed with emotions as I have watched the sun sink out of sight in the evening.
I cannot describe these emotions, it is some sort of powerful feeling that comes over me because of the natural scenery, the sights, the sounds, knowing I am such a small and insignificant part of the universe.
I have been overwhelmed with emotions several times as I have knelt down beside a deer I just killed. Being thankful for the experience and having the seriousness and weight of taking its life force, or perhaps having shared the experience with my child or children.

Hunting for me is not just fun, relaxing and enjoyable, it is emotional. The whole experience stirs something in side of me, way down deep in my soul. It moves me in a way I cannot explain it.
Iv never been in a piece of woods that I did not feel at home in.
Iv never been in a piece of woods that I felt unwelcome in.
As I drive up and down SC’s roads and highways the woods and trees call to me, asking, begging me to come and take a walk in them. I only wish I could heed their beckoning call more often then I do.
When I am not in the woods seeing, hearing and experiencing all they have to offer, my heart, mind, body and soul aches to be there, and when I do get there, my emotions can be overloaded!
Some folks say real men don’t cry, I say I don’t care what folks think. When you get to see the sun break up on a new day with wonder and glory and set at the end of a day with magnificent majesty, and all the sights and sounds that go on in between while hunting the deer in the woods, you just might find your emotions overloaded to the point of tears, like I have on many a time, also!

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I got choked up one time when I looked down at my 06. It had belonged to my great uncle and I cared for him very much. He had just past away from cancer and it choked me up a little.

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**** Chickens ****

All of you "lurkers" and "viewers" are CHICKEN to tell us you cried?? COme one, fess up ... I did.


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I do Enjoy all the stuff you list. For me its a sigh of relaxation and comfort. Just to know I able to go out and see the sights of the wild and enjoy what most take for granted.

But, I have cried while deer hunting. Several years back I lost a great friend and coworker. When I got home that afternoon , I went to the woods to be alone, got in my blind and cried like I have never cried before. To this day I still don't really know why Fred's death hit me so hard.
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Iv talked to God while on my deer stand and had tears roll down like The Niagra Falls.

3 years ago, on the last day of the season, on the last hunt, I was standing on my truck tailgate on the edge of a big broom straw field, watching the sun get lost over the horizon and listening to the dogs burn a trail in a cypress swamp and it was a moment suspended in time for me.
It was as if God Himself came and stood next to me; I realized how good He has been to me and how good I had it made, and I stood there with gun in my hands as tears flowed down my cheeks - cleaned my soul out!!
I cried....

it was September 14, 2001. I was already big toebig toebig toebig toebig toebig toe about 9/11, and my college class was canceled, so I went hunting. While hunting my mom called. I ignored her the first 3 times, but answered the 4. (its unusual for her to call that many times in a row.) She told me that my cousin had been killed in an accident by a drunk driver. I was emotional and speechless at the time.

Ten minutes after I hung up, a "true" albino fawn showed up w/ 10 yards of my stand. I started to cry, and it just look up and stared at me. That fawn hung around all afternoon. It's times like this when I'm convinced there is a God, and he cares.

I've cried several times myself and not afraid to admit it and love to worship to GOD while I'm all alone in the beautiful great outdoors. Cried the most when the person whom got me involved in hunting (my grandfather) was diagnosed with cancer and came to deer camp for the last season. Many tears were shed that year in my deer stand as he was sitting back at camp doing his best to not show the pain the cancer was causing him and his desire to be in camp, even though physically he was not capable of going to the woods with us.
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Now THAT was funny - made me really laugh out loud!!
:rofl: As long as its camo, any size will do. And no ruffles or silky stuff either; plain ol flannel.
Call me a crybaby too I guess...

But with every deer I take I feel somewhat of an empty feelling also.. I'm excited that I got a deer, but also sympathy for having taken an animal.

What made me realize this was on the second buck I'd ever taken.

I was on the ground hunting and he and a doe ran up behind me. I stood up just in time to put a round into his chest -- he was about 20 yards from me.

He dropped at the shot and I ran over to him. I arrived just in time to see him look up at me, and I heard him take his last breathe.

If don't remember ANY of my animals or trophy's. I'll remember that one.

It hit me like a ton of bricks the reality of hunting and killing. I had taken his life. He didn't give it to me, or sacrifice it for me. I TOOK it.

"An animal doesn't give us it's life. We take it. For this reason, we should respect it".

That's where that quote came from on my homepage.

He was an 8-point basket-racked buck on public land.

So to answer the question... yes. If I didn't get somewhat emotional EVERY time I stepped into the woods, I wouldn't be going... :)


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Got tears inmy eyes right now.


Your story got to me. Yes, God does care, we are all his children. :D

Twice for me. I have been hunting with my dad ever since I was 5 or 6 (now 48). He is now 74 and I still take him up to my lease every year for a long weekend. 2 seasons ago he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I took him hunting that year thinking it would be the last. I dropped him off at his stand and went to mine. I started thinking about all the great times we had over the years, looked through the woods toward where he was sitting and couldn't hold back.

Good news is that after the chemo and the surgery, he is still with us and we are planning another trip this year!! :clap: I just need to put him on a deer this year. :shoot:

The other time was when my son was sleeping in the ground blind right after we had the "birds and bees" talk! He was growing up to fast! :hair:

I didn't read all the replies. But seeing Thunders post made me go back and do so.

I agree. There is a God and he does watch over us. Thanks for sharing that!



Now, I gotta say I love the woods and I have had many, many things I can think back about and remember the good times.......

But, I've never cried about them.........

Not yet anyway..... :bounce: